The Market-Leader in AI and Transcription Accuracy

The best GTM motions in the world start with the best data - and they start with Chorus by ZoomInfo.

The features & capabilities that make Chorus better than alternatives.

On top of automatic call recording, audio transcription, keywords trackers, speaker identification, deal insights, analytics & reporting, you also get:

Accurate Transcriptions

Calls are consistently analyzed against other providers using our in-house team of researchers as well as third-party auditors and are based on 100% accurate human transcriptions.

Patented AI

Chorus’ investment in data quality and our 14 AI/ML patents enables us to deliver the most accurate call transcription quality of any Revenue Intelligence solution.

Massive Dataset

Over 60 million hours of calls analyzed to date and transcribed with sales-specific domain expertise tagging, creating a large dataset of positive & negative tracker hits.

Real-Time Analysis

With our next-gen AI transformer model called Wav2Vec, Chorus can transcribe any length of a call in a matter of seconds, compared to competitors that can take up to an hour.

Sales-Specific Domain Expertise

Our models tag & create a massive dataset of positive & negative tracker hits, based on business-sales language.

Increased Accuracy Over Time

Chorus’ custom language models ensure the most relevant analysis allowing for improved transcription accuracy with every conversation.

Chorus has Industry Leading Word Error Rates

WER (Word Error Rate) is an important, common metric used to measure the performance of speech recognition algorithms. The general rule of thumb is: The lower the WER the more accurate the ASR software is at recognizing speech.

  • Market-Leading WER | Chorus by Zoominfo

    “Great! And I’ll follow up in two days about setting up a meeting with my colleague Stu, and I’ll look into the ABC features you want more info on, too.”

  • Bad WER | Other Vendors

    “Great! And I’ll flop in two daze about setting up a meeting with my collar stew and look into the a bee see feats ors you wanted morph onto,”

Recognized as an industry leader

Chorus's real time transcription is amazing. Having the ability to understand immediately what happened in a sales call and dive into it with my reps is just a huge benefit.

Scott Britton

Co-Founder, Troops