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How Chorus Will Help You Win More

Drive Team Performance

  • Identify & Replicate Winning Behaviors
  • Uplevel Team Skills
  • Reduce New Hire Ramp Time
  • Drive Process & Methodology Adherence

Maximize Revenue & Prevent Risks

  • Mitigate Deal / Churn Risks
  • Understand Deal Momentum & Health
  • Guarantee Relationship Continuity
  • Get Complete & Unbiased CRM Data

Make Better Strategic Decisions

  • Understand Shifting Market Dynamics
  • Gain Competitive Insights
  • Make Data-Driven Roadmap Decisions
  • Leverage VOC in Messaging & Content

Your Secret Weapon for Higher Quota Attainment

30%–50% Gains in Quota Attainment

50%+ Improvement in Win Rate

10%-20% Reduction in Deal Cycle

50% Faster Ramp of New Sales Hires

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Why Chorus?

Alyson Baber

Alyson Baber

Sales Leader,

Zoom - Valuable Insights

“I often say that if I didn't have Zoom on a sales call I'd be flying blind—and the same goes for Chorus. Without Chorus, I'd lose valuable insights in the sales process, as well as the ability to coach my team.”

Christian Tomita

Christian Tomita

Sales Enablement, Procore

Sales Efficiency

“Being able to sell as quickly and efficiently as possible, with help from, is a true value for our sales department.”

Sean Andrew

Sean Andrew

SVP Worldwide Corporate Sales, MongoDB

MongoDB Customer Experience

“With Chorus, we can get ahead of an issue and show great engagement with the customer, which can also help us keep that customer longer.”

Top Revenue Teams Use Chorus

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