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Why Chorus?
Greg Larsen Lingotek
Greg Larsen Head of Revenue Operations Lingotek
Feb 11 2022
Trust radius
Gong and were very similar. The only significant difference that we came across in our trials were that we felt better taken care of by the team than we did the Gong team. They were more willing to help us get up and running, find a price plan and payment terms that fit our needs, and make sure that we were taken care of.
David Bendit
David Bendit Account Executive Reprise
Jan 21 2022
Trust radius is used on every external and company-wide call to create a repository of content to be shared as needed. It's connected to Zoom, Salesforce, and Slack. I have used Gong in the past, and while it might look fancier and nicer, I think that the functionality and analytics of are much more robust and trustworthy across the floor.
Chorus img
Mid-Market Chorus User Sales Professional Mid-Market (Computer Software)
Aug 10 2021
I used Gong for years at a previous employer. Chorus is so much easier to use. The dashboard is easy to use and friendly layout. I like the fact that I can toggle the ability to record on and off. The call recordings and transcriptions come through quickly after a meeting ends. Hands down a great platform!
Heather Bell Envoy
Heather Bell Enterprise Sales Manager Envoy
Jun 17 2020
Trust radius
We evaluated Gong head to head with The sales team at Chorus really made the difference for us. They made sure our goals were kept in mind during the evaluation and made our on-boarding process amazing. UI at Chorus was also much better.

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