Hey Thryv, Chorus Can Help You Accelerate Bringing SMBs to the Cloud

June 25, 2021

Shawn Parrotte

Hi Thryv team,

Congrats on the amazing quarter and those 14 G2 Awards!

During this critical time, we can’t imagine the huge impact you're making on your small businesses customers. And your investment in budding entrepreneurs with your recent partnership with Launchpad America is deeply inspiring.

At Chorus, we’ve been researching all things Thryv and want to share how we can help you continue to capture the surge of SMBs moving to the cloud and deepen your relationships with your customers.

Our goal was to learn as much as possible about your plans to drive growth and show you how Chorus can help accelerate your mission to become the operating system for small businesses across the globe.

Before jumping in, if you haven’t heard of Chorus yet, we’re a Conversation Intelligence platform that captures and analyses the conversations from your customer-facing reps (AEs, CSMs, SDRs, and of course your Thryv Ninja Specialists) to uncover insights that will help you create a better customer experience and grow your business.

Product overview increase productivity 2x

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s show you what we’ve learned and how we can help.

Scaling Your Inbound Channels Means Scaling Your Sales Teams #

We’ve heard that, along with reaching out to your marketing services clients, you’re building an inbound marketing machine that’s becoming a large part of your SaaS sales volume.

It’s not surprising that your inbound marketing efforts are turning into new business. We love the engaging content on your blog, your YouTube channel, and of course Gordon’s Winning on Mainstreet podcast.

With your plans to continue to scale inbound demand, month over month, you’ll need to quickly hire more Sales Development Reps and Account Executives to support this growth.

Chorus accelerates onboarding new sales reps #

Because Chorus effortlessly captures sales conversations, that means you can easily reference any moment you have with prospects and customers.

Now get this, by turning your best moments into bite-sized snippets, and organizing these snippets into playlists, new reps can quickly experience what good looks like from real world examples.

Frontline managers enable team peer MOBILE 2x

Here’s how Bill.com used the power of playlists to create an onboarding program that gets new reps selling in as little as two and a half weeks.

Brent Sapiro

Brent Sapiro

VP Direct Sales, Bill.com

We’ve built a library of hundreds, maybe thousands, of great discovery calls, demos, and closing calls that are helping our sales team to ramp faster and become more proficient.

Designing Verticalized Experiences Means Getting Your Message Right #

We’ve heard that you’re creating customer experiences to match your various segments. From the product and the way you demo the software, all the way to the messages you communicate out to the market.

And it sounds like it’s been a hit with your customers! So much that you’re looking to create additional verticalized experiences so that adopting Thryv is a no-brainer for your prospects.

That means a few things.

First, your sellers will need to be proficient with different talk tracks for each vertical. And as you’re developing new sales processes, you’ll need to ensure they’re saying the right things.

Second, you’ll want to measure the effectiveness of new talk tracks, double down on what’s working, and iterate on areas of improvement.

Last, you’ll want to distribute these learnings to various internal teams. Product teams can tap into the voice of the customer and marketing teams can amplify what’s resonating with prospects into the market.

Chorus improves your entire sales (and customer) experience #

With Custom Trackers, our AI can listen for mentions of certain words or phrases during sales conversations that align to your specific verticalized experiences.


These trackers allow you to measure the adoption of new demo talk tracks, so you can be confident that reps are communicating the right message to prospects.

Plus, imagine being able to instantly listen to the most important moments related to your new talk tracks so you can experience how messaging is landing with prospects.

And going one step further, imagine these moments automatically being pulled together across all your sales reps so you have a collection of key moments to reference and review.

Ai for revenue smart playlists 2x

We call these Smart Playlists. They work like magic! And they feel like magic to almost any team. These moments and insights are incredibly valuable not only to sales teams, but also product teams, marketing teams, and the company as a whole.

In addition to Custom Trackers and Smart Playlists, Chorus provides a suite of Coaching and Analytics tools so that managers and enablement can easily provide feedback to individual reps or uplevel the entire team on specific initiatives.

Getting Sensis Clients on Thryv Means Deepening Relationships #

We’ve also heard that you’re taking Thryv international through your acquisition of Sensis, and you’re hoping to duplicate the “marketing services to SaaS” motion there (and elsewhere) as you’re establishing Thryv as the global provider of cloud solutions for SMBs.

What a unique strategy to acquire a highly targeted list of customers that you can migrate to the cloud while helping them transform their businesses and providing their customers with a better experience.

We know that you separate marketing service sellers and software sellers so that each are experts at their craft. And that there’s a handoff that happens between the two.

One other area that we think Chorus can help Thryv, and one that drives our core values, is by creating a world class customer experience for your clients centered around a complete view of the relationships you have.

Chorus allows you to easily view every interaction with your customer #

Our Momentum product allows you to quickly understand the context of your clients in a simple, actionable view.

Chorus Momentum Forecast with Confidence

We understand that the relationships on the marketing services side are well established. Now imagine you were able to easily share the rich history of that relationship with your software sellers so that there’s a seamless handoff.

Now also imagine if there was a way to easily identify areas of opportunity to improve the relationship or remove risk from deals in pipeline and upcoming renewals. Our AI picks up on potential risks from all the conversations and other touchpoints with your clients and automatically surfaces them so you can put together an action plan.

Michaela Downs

Michaela Downs

Head of Sales Operations, Benchling

With Momentum, this is the first time that I can rely on timely and accurate data to see where there are potential roadblocks to a deal closing without depending on anecdotal evidence.

With Chorus, Thryv Can Accelerate Bringing SMBs to the Cloud #

We haven’t even talked about ThryvPay or ThryvHub, but we hope that you can see the impact Chorus can make for those products as well.

Conversation Intelligence brings a whole new level of insight into the voice of the customer that can be used across sales, customer success, marketing, product, and company leadership.

Brands like UberEats, DocuSign, Zoom, and many others trust Chorus to improve their sales organization, close more business, reduce churn, and uncover customer insights that create meaningful impact company-wide.

We’d love to do the same for Thryv.

What do you think? How does next week look to connect?

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