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A live Zoom broadcast sharing the impact of COVID-19 on business and sales every weekday morning at 8:35 AM PDT.

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It's more important than ever to have a pulse on your customers and market. We've committed our data science team to investigate the trends across our customer base to understand the impact of COVID-19 on business and sales. Our mission is to provide data that helps revenue leaders make critical decisions as we navigate the uncertainty ahead.

We're investigating critical questions like

  • How often is COVID-19 coming up on calls and why?
  • How is productivity changing?
  • What topics are top of mind for customers?
  • How much economic risk language is coming up on calls?
  • Are teams equipped for being effective while working from home?
  • And more...

Join Jim Benton, CEO of Chorus, every weekday morning to hear the latest trends that may be affecting your team.

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The Daily Briefing: April 3, 2020

In today’s Daily Briefing, Jim Benton was joined by Brian Trautschold, Co-founder & COO of Ambition. They discussed Chorus’s recent finding: A significant increase in Leader participation in buying and selling.

As Jim said: “The assumption is that this has been super disruptive. But the data shows that the sales community has never been more productive than ever. Leadership participation is mirroring that. This is our moment.”

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The Daily Briefing: April 2, 2020

In Today's Daily Briefing, Chorus CEO Jim Benton was joined by Dan Dawson, CSO of Force Management to discuss the relationship of new opportunity meetings and discovery meetings in this current climate.

Ultimately: Account Executives are still meeting and starting new opportunities, but discovery is dropping.

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The Daily Briefing: April 1, 2020

Today, The Daily Briefing launched into Q2 with a more nuanced discussion of Sales Productivity.

Chorus CEO and Daily Briefing host, Jim Benton, was joined by Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing. They discussed how productivity differs between geographic markets, and how COVID-19 has impacted the productivity and effectiveness of cold calling.

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The Daily Briefing: March 31, 2020

On today’s Daily Briefing, Chorus CEO Jim Benton was joined by Brendan Reeves, Director of Sales Strategy & Operations at Carta, to discuss meeting productivity numbers.

This time, we broke the data out by markets to understand what impact COVID-19 is having as we’re approaching the end of Q1.

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The Daily Briefing: March 30, 2020

On today’s Daily Briefing, Jodi Maxson, Head of Sales Productivity at, joined Chorus CEO Jim Benton to discuss productivity trends since COVID-19 and the transition to remote revenue teams.

You would imagine that everyone would see a significant decrease in productivity across industries, markets, and revenue teams. But that’s not exactly what the data tells us.

The Daily Briefing Longer Payment Terms

The Daily Briefing: March 27, 2020

Today we discuss deal delay risks and how Sales Leaders should handle the conversations both internally and externally.

Kevin Cohn, Chief Customer Officer of Brightflag, joined Chorus CEO, Jim Benton.

The Daily Briefing March 25

The Daily Briefing: March 25, 2020

Today we discussed how often COVID-19 is being mentioned in sales calls across the market, and how SDR teams are adapting.

Here is what the data is telling us 1. Cases and Mentions are on the rise and 2. Your frontline is initiating COVID conversations.

The Daily Briefing March 24

The Daily Briefing: March 24, 2020

In the first episode of The Daily Briefing, Jim Benton, CEO of, shares how Conversation Intelligence can show the world a unique perspective of the current markets because of the data we capture regarding how sellers are selling and what topics come up in conversations.