The Chorus Advantage:

Why Companies Choose Chorus Over Gong

Sales teams everywhere are recognizing the power of Conversation Intelligence to improve win rates, accelerate deals, and scale growth. But how do you tell the difference between the leaders in the category? And why do companies choose Chorus over Gong? Let’s find out!

Better Call Transcription and Smarter AI

We’ve built the world’s best proprietary algorithm for transcribing sales conversations. By investing early into industry-leading research (14 patents), and being the only Conversation Intelligence platform to develop transcription in-house, we consistently beat out Gong’s accuracy by over 15% and can provide you with real-time transcripts and analysis.

Our best-in-class AI, trained on over 40 million sales calls, gives you what other platforms can’t. Like our patented Speaker Separation technology that will identify who’s in a conference room by their voice fingerprint. And the ability to use important contextual trackers to automatically highlight next steps, deal risks, and much more.

Analytics that Improve Outcomes

Chorus unlocks unique insights that uplevel your sales organization. Because our AI is continuously learning about your business, you can correlate what happens within your conversations with what drives revenue. Gong leaves you in the dark, unable to show you what’s making an impact.

With Chorus’ analytics, you can learn which talk tracks are more effective in competitive deals, how new sales methodology is impacting win-rates, or where the individual opportunities are for improving your team’s sales skills. That’s the power of real AI.

Work Where You Live

We believe Conversation Intelligence should be embedded into the tools you already use. Gong wants you to live in their platform. But do you really want another system to distract you? That’s why our Connected CI strategy brings insights into Salesforce, Slack, Zoom, Tableau and others. So instead of getting frustrated with another login, you get value wherever you are.

Our latest product innovation, Momentum, brings incredible visibility into all your customer relationships inside Salesforce. You can view every touchpoint on every deal alongside insights from Chorus to help you move deals forward.

A Trusted Partnership

Our Customer Success team aligns our success with your business outcomes. We constantly hear from customers that evaluated both Chorus and Gong, that the Chorus partnership was stronger and provided more value.

According to a recent report from Info-Tech Research Group, who sourced feedback from real Chorus and Gong users, Chorus came out on top as easier to implement, more intuitive, and providing better training than Gong.

Why Chorus?

Alyson Baber

Alyson Baber

Sales Leader, Zoom Meetings

Zoom - Valuable Insights

“I often say that if I didn't have Zoom on a sales call I'd be flying blind—and the same goes for Chorus. Without Chorus, I'd lose valuable insights in the sales process, as well as the ability to coach my team.”

Brooks Pettus Housecall Pro

Brooks Pettus

COO, Housecall Pro

Improve Rep Productivity

“Chorus has helped our sales organization go from good, to great, to excellent in a very short amount of time.”

Taylor Francis

Taylor Francis

CS Team Lead, MongoDB

Deliver Brilliant Experiences

“With Chorus, we know exactly why a customer purchased, what the use case is, and how that customer wants to be successful.”

Customers Who Upgraded to Chorus

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