SDR Teams

Deliver on Your Qualified Meetings Goals

Understand what a good cold call looks like and be able to train your team on it

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Industry-First Cold Call Central

Use a customizable view built for SDR teams to improve connect rates and meeting qualification. Powered by the cutting-edge Smart Call Disposition, Chorus helps SDR leaders strategize on how to improve connect rates.

Ensure SDRs Use the Right Message Every Time

Identify the talk tracks that really work with prospects. Make sure all team members use the best message in every cold call. Eliminate the chances of going off-track by demonstrating how top SDRs use these talk tracks.

The Best AE Handoff Process Ever

Let Chorus take notes for you while you focus on the few minutes you have with the prospect. Use “next steps” identified and transcribed by Chorus’s AI to write follow-up emails or for the AE handoff notes. AEs listen to actual calls before the first meeting and go prepared.

Get Your Qualification Process Right

Know if your reps are asking the right questions and guide those who are not. Ensure your team only sets high-quality appointments that convert into deals and revenue.

Surface Objections & Customer Pains Internally

Deliver market insights from your work. Tag Product Marketing every time you come across a new objection or if prospect describes their pain in detail. For new features or competitive intel, tag your Product team.