Sales Reps

The Sales Rep‘s Secret Weapon

Focus on selling, not busywork

Solution hero productivity

Never Take Notes Again

Need a reminder to follow up, send a document, or schedule a meeting after the call? Dictate that to the Chorus Notetaker and consider it done. Get alerts and email reminders to follow up with everything you promised.

Productivity immediate follow up

Immediate & High Quality Follow-Up

Chorus’ proprietary voice-to-text technology transcribes your conversations in real time so your next steps and reminders are ready for you as soon as you hang up. Write that follow-up email as soon as you are done with the call.

Stay On Top of Next Steps and Deal Risks

Chorus’ advanced AI-based technology automatically identifies the next steps you discussed and reminds you to follow up with email summaries. You can also review all your next steps or high-risk mentions at the end of the day or week to ensure you are on top of your game.

Coach Yourself and Seek Help from Anywhere

Use your travel time to prepare for a meeting by listening to past calls. Seek and provide feedback on calls or collaborate with others through instant messaging and push notifications.

Work Faster with Search and Find

Get to any account, deal, call recording or data point in a single click by searching on the top navigation bar. The Google Search-like experience available inside your conversation intelligence platform.