Sales Leaders

Build a Team of "A" Players

Identify why you win and make it a repeatable formula

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Get Unparalleled Visibility Into Deals

Easily find out where managers can jump in and close a deal. View conversations and metrics by active deals. Ensure your forecast is watertight and provide reps with deal-based coaching.

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Ensure Reps Are Consistently On-Message

Prepare for meetings and coach reps on deals by listening to past calls. Easily search and access any meeting with any account. Win deals based on deep analysis and strong prep work.

Improve Your Competitive Win-Rate

Stay one step ahead of your competitors' game. Gain insights into competitive trends—frequency, deal type, talk tracks, and more—and learn how well your team is handling those conversations. Get proactive alerts of highly competitive deals so you can coach your team to the win.

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Conversation History
Activity History

Improve CRM Visibility Without Nagging Reps to Log Data

Much of your work depends on an accurate view of your pipeline, but reps hate logging data. Chorus automatically extracts and appends conversation data to Salesforce so you have a complete picture of your deals, the competitive landscape, and your forecast.

Get What You Need From Product and Marketing to Win Deals

Clip, share, and comment on moments from your recordings to get help from sales engineering, product management, and marketing. Get fast responses through email alerts to people you mention on calls. Close deals as one strong revenue team.