Sales Enablement

Accelerate the Success of Your Sales Team

Build, deliver, and measure robust enablement programs that create winners

Solution hero coaching

Build Your Curriculum With Help From AI

Build your sales enablement calendar and agenda by identifying your team's real areas of improvement. Chorus' advanced AI curates playlists of you team's best or worst moments. Find training topics and create content based on actual sales conversations.

Report the Quantifiable Value of Your Enablement Programs

Easily implement multiple enablement initiatives, each with its own custom scorecard. Managers score calls and add personalized feedback. Reps learn from feedback and other higher-scored calls. Measure team improvements over time.

Track specific themes

Track Training Adoption

Set up trackers for things you train the team on: competitive positioning, upsell features, customer stories—AI automatically identifies these mentions and alerts you. Check if reps are responding to enablement sessions and content. Identify which team members need additional reminders to use your talk tracks.

Measure Sales Process Adoption

Build any view of your own or your team’s meetings. Get visibility into conversations so you can check if your reps are following sales processes. Identify which reps need your help and with what.

Coach Anytime, Anywhere

Chorus Mobile helps you listen to playlists of important calls, comment on coachable moments and get others to help your reps—all from the dentist’s office or during the drive back home.