See Chorus In Action

Reduce Sales Training Time and Increase Rep Productivity with Chorus

Get your sales reps selling faster using Conversation Intelligence. Our AI helps decrease ramp time for new sellers and automatically finds training opportunities.

How Chorus Helps Sales Teams

30%–50% Gains in Quota Attainment

50%+ Improvement in Win Rate

10%-20% Reduction in Deal Cycle

50% Faster Ramp of New Sales Hires

Frontline managers enable team peer MOBILE 2x

Ramp Reps to Productivity Faster

Reduce ramp times through a curated library of your best calls for virtual shadowing. From cold calls to negotiation, new team members learn from the best examples of great customer interactions. Ensure your library is always up-to-date through Smart Playlists, our patented technology that automatically adds new calls to your playlists when they meet criteria you set.

Provide Actionable Advice to Reps

Rate rep performance and leave personalized feedback with scorecards. Your feedback helps reps work on their low-scoring areas. Chorus will provide recommended high-scoring calls to review so reps learn from their peers.

Get Automatic Recommendations on Coachable Moments

Don't waste time searching for which calls need feedback and coaching. Chorus Recommendations proactively surfaces coaching opportunities so you can focus where it matters most.

Why Chorus?
Bobbi K
Bobbi Kimberly Frioli VP of Sales Beekeeper
Feb 23 2022
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I run the sales department and all my AEs and BDRs use it on all of our demos. It allows us to customize coaching per individual rep and also helps us train new hires.
Colleen O
Colleen O Account Executive K12 Education
Feb 23 2022
G2 is an integral part of sales coaching and training. It is extremely easy to use, and its transcriptions are always nearly 100% accurate.
Carly F
Carly F Sales Enablement Manager
Feb 23 2022
There are so many things we love about Chorus. From an enablement/management perspective, it is so easy to provide coaching notes on each call, clip "snippets" for examples to share across the team, create "playlists" for best examples, etc.
Mia G
Mia G Senior Account Executive
Feb 23 2022
When I know Chorus is recording, I can be an active listener and understand that the call is being transcribed. I also love being able to go back and take snippets out to tag or send to my manager for coaching and feedback.

Top Revenue Teams Use Chorus

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