Roles and Permissions

Sharing and Collaboration Done Right

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Keep your conversations secure with robust access controls in Chorus

Set your revenue teams up to be successful while maintaining internal IT regulations. Chorus now provides flexible Roles & Permissions settings to control the Chorus experience for end users. Define access controls based on roles, like who can fill out scorecards. Also, apply data access settings to specify the records users can view and edit.

Personalize The Chorus Experience Based on Roles

Map your revenue team members to different out-of-the-box roles and customize what each role can or cannot do inside Chorus. Define role-based permissions for capabilities such as modifying recordings, sharing, coaching, setting up trackers and other admin controls.

Define Conversation Visibility at the Team Level

Protect visibility of calls and data outside the team, while driving collaboration within the team. Easily replicate team structures from your CRM inside of Chorus or create them manually. Assign access to recordings and conversation data or metrics at a team level.

Robust Privacy Settings for IT and End-Users

Experience the greatest level of flexibility and the most robust permissions features. Make specific recordings private (e.g. interviews), write private notes (e.g. reminders to self) or 1-on-1 comments (e.g. direct feedback), and organize trackers by teams (e.g. Discovery trackers for AEs only).