Chorus Receives The 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award From Frost & Sullivan

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Chorus Receives The 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award From Frost & Sullivan

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Deal Visibility

Get Unparalleled Deal Visibility

Build stronger, more predictable relationships.

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Improve Your Win Rate & Forecast with Confidence

Deal reviews are time consuming and accurate information is hard to come by. Deal Hub brings together every interaction so you have a single view of what is happening in your deals. You'll know at a glance if reps are multi-threading, getting executive involvement, or driving enough engagement to bring the deal over the line. And, handoffs are a snap because the complete history is all in one place.

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Understand the Full Deal Context

Deal Hub is your source of truth for all customer interactions. Every call and email is captured and reviewable in a single view so you get the complete context of the deal. AEs, SDRs, and Customer Success all get access to customer history for smoother handoffs and knowledge transfers.

Quickly Find Conversations You Care About

Our contextual filters allow you to drill down into what you want to see most for better deal reviews or 1:1s. Know if multi-threading, executive involvement, activity thresholds, and other leading indicators are happening and whether your reps need direction.

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Impact the Deals That Matter Most

Deal risks are automatically identified, prioritized, and proactively surfaced so you always know where to focus your time to effectively coach your team.

The State of Conversation Intelligence Sales Benchmarks Q4 2020

We analyzed over 35M sales calls in Chorus to bring Revenue Leaders like you the data behind the conversations. Explore trends that drive top sales teams.

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