Actionable Insights from Sales Conversations

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Know What's Being Said in Your Sales Conversations

Analyze trends for any kinds of mentions—pricing, discounting, competitors, product names, features, objections, etc. Know who uses them most, when in the sales cycle they get used, and their impact on win rates. Leverage these insights to define enablement topics, coaching sessions, and talk tracks.

Identify Your Top Reps' Secret Sauce

See the talk tracks that top reps use more than others and train everyone to replicate them. Compare deals that progress or closed won with others to identify winning talk tracks. Know which talk tracks are most used by which team.

Guide Reps on How to Have Winning Conversations

See who needs coaching on asking more engaging questions that get prospects to share more. Visualize and listen to calls where a rep spoke too much or too little and provide clear, on-the-spot advice on how to stay within the prescribed range.

Develop a Scalable Culture of Coaching

Help managers transition from leading calls for their team to developing and coaching their team at scale. Get visibility into who is investing time in reviewing meetings and scoring calls.

Find the Conversation Topics That Most Impact Your Business

Most transcription won't find out-of-dictionary words or acronyms. Chorus developed its technology in house—which means you get real-time, high quality speaker separation and transcription that's never shared with a third party. The language model can be customized for your business, allowing you to identify topics that aren't found in general conversation—like competitor names, acronyms, and more. Plus, you never have to worry about your data leaving Chorus.