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Transform all your sales conversations into intelligence – learn what works to close more deals
We founded Chorus to understand what influences conversation outcomes. Today, almost all of those conversations and the insights your conversations contain are forgotten the second they end, except for the few notes captured in your CRM. Our technology makes it easy to learn from and influence the thousands of conversations your team has.
Chorus is helping us take the guesswork out of the sales process by allowing us to map data to specific outcomes — ultimately shortening sales cycles, improving win rates and beating competitors”
Kevin McCoy Sales Director
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for VP's of Sales

Critical Insights that Elevate Your Entire Org

for managers

Coach at Scale, Don't Shadow Meetings

for account executives

Focus on the Meeting, Don't Stress About Remembering Details

“Chorus is a must-have in every inside sales technology stack.”
Matt Cameron
Managing Partner, SalesOps Central

Tired of Shadowing Calls?

Let Chorus do the heavy lifting. Learn what actually works.
Coach on what really matters. Close more deals & ramp faster.
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