The Daily Briefing Executive Summary

Your guide to the most essential insights from The Daily Briefing series with Jim Benton.

Get insights from 11 episodes of The Daily Briefing: a daily 30 minute live Zoom broadcast we produced from March 24 to May 29 as a response to COVID-19 and shelter-in-place.

Equip yourself with exclusive data & intelligence on the state of sales conversations so you know how to overcome the inevitable challenges in the second half of the year.

You'll also learn how today's sales leaders interpret what the data tells us, and what's top of mind for them as they tackle the changing landscape of sales.

TDB Executive Summary e Book 3

In this eBook, we share:

  • Changes in sales meeting volume
  • Changes in cold call connect rates
  • Changes in sales meeting attendees
  • Impact of WFH on culture and morale
  • Highlights & quotes from each episode
  • Critical takeaways from 11 sales leaders

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