Teams Up With Zoom to Deliver Real-Time Relationship Intelligence in Meetings

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Frontline Managers

Clone Your Closers

Replicate winning behaviors across your team to hit quota.

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Pipeline Visibility & Deal Risks Uncovered

Stay on top of your reps’ deals and know where to focus your efforts with Deal Hub, your one-stop shop for deal interactions and proactive deal risk alerts.

Know What's Working and What's Not

Use our robust set of out-of-the-box analytics to understand where to focus your efforts. See what's driving your deals to close.

Receive Automatic Coaching Recommendations

Let our AI do the work for you. No need to sift through calls, notes, and transcripts. Chorus will automatically surface calls that require your attention, so you can focus your limited time on coaching your team.

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Easily Enable Team & Peer Coaching

Conduct Film Reviews, launch peer coaching initiatives, create dedicated playlists, or share snippets across your entire organizationthe possibilities of sharing knowledge across your teams are endless.

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No More Ride-Alongs

Stop joining calls which may not be valuable. Take the pressure off your reps and spend your time reviewing moments that matter.

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Visibility from Anywhere

Help quarterback your team’s deals from the office, train, or even your sofa. Use your down time to listen to your team’s calls, provide feedback, and help push the deals over the finish line.

State of Conversation Intelligence 2020

See what high-performance sales teams do to close more deals. We analyzed over 5M sales calls from more than 300 companies to show what works in each stage of the sales cycle.

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