We founded Chorus to understand what influences conversation outcomes. Today, almost all of those conversations and the insights your conversations contain are forgotten the second they end, except for the few notes captured in your CRM. Our technology makes it easy to learn from and influence the thousands of conversations your team has.
What is Chorus?
Chorus is a Conversation Intelligence platform for sales teams. Chorus uses natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to unite all your sales conversations into a single dashboard, allowing sales teams to identify what works to close more deals. Using Chorus is like having a team of sales trainers dedicated to understanding your sales calls, finding the most important moments, and learning exactly what your team could do differently to achieve better outcomes. Chorus' technology does the heavy lifting, scaling a sales manager's ability to help reps qualify opportunities and improve their selling skills. And Chorus is built for reps too, with an integration into CRM systems that automatically captures all the noteworthy information on every deal in their pipeline.
Who are your customers today? And why are they using Chorus?
Our customers range from growth stage startups to public companies, and have sizable sales teams that do most of their meetings over the phone and through screenshares. Chorus helps those teams take a data-driven approach to improving their conversations, by highlighting the most important moments in their conversations, and mapping those moments to your  wins and losses. Playbooks can easily be pulled together with examples from real conversations. Managers on Chorus can more effectively manage pipeline through x-rays of Opportunities based on what has or has not been discussed in conversations. Managers can also efficiently focus on the skills that matter most for each rep, ultimately improving win rates, decreasing ramp time, and shortening sales cycles. Reps love Chorus because it captures all the important moments they need to do effective follow up, call prep and hand-offs.
What problem does Chorus solve? What's the ROI?
A simple formula for a sales team's performance might be: 

Results = Number of activities X quality of activities 

A sales rep with poor selling skills or product knowledge is unlikely to close a single deal no matter how many at bats they have. Conversations matter and are what ultimately impact a sales rep's sales cycle, win rate and average deal size. 

CSO Insights found that win rates go from 40 to 60% with a proper coaching program in place. Mark Roberge, Hubspot's CRO, wrote that the criteria most correlated to success at Hubspot was Coach-ability. In the Sales Acceleration Formula, he stressed the importance of implementing a predictable coaching model. 

Chorus makes it easy for managers to coach as they manage. Until Chorus, managers had to sit-in on calls to coach. Since a typical 8 person sales team has ~1,000 hours of conversations a quarter, managers only see a tiny fraction of those calls. In addition, the coaching a manager can provide is limited to what they've heard and seen work.

Chorus scales a manager's ability to coach and a team's ability to learn from one another's successes and mistakes by pulling every conversation into a single dashboard and automatically surfacing key moments in calls for reps and managers alike. It then learns from all conversations, understanding what it is about conversations that impact the length of your sales cycle, win rate and deal size - and making it easy to hear specific examples of what does and does not work.

As you build your playbook based on what is proven to work for you, Chorus gives reps subtle and non-distracting live feedback.

Many products improve a team's efficiency, but few can truly be tied to closing more business. Chorus is not a silver bullet, but will supercharge a team's ability to learn from one another and improve their conversations.

Chorus is offering introductory pricing and a NO RISK, free trial to qualified customers. Most of our customers were skeptical until they saw Chorus working for them. If you're interested, give us a try!
What can organizations expect from integrating Chorus into the sales process?
Chorus' customers have solved a variety of problems largely related to improving discovery and demo calls, the most highly leveraged section of the sales funnel. More specifically, Chorus can help your team with:

Establishing Solid Next Steps: Ensuring that reps get buy-in on specific next steps  to move an opportunity forward; If your team brings up next steps with two minutes left and proposes a vague plan to touch base next week, this is the first thing to address through using Chorus!

Active Listening: The key to great discovery is to talk less and listen more. Chorus can show you which reps produce the highest “% Prospect Talk Time,” find the questions that yield the longest responses,  highlight when reps speak over 2 minutes without a check-in, and more!

Asking Great Questions: The goal of discovery is to “get the answers to the test,” and the best way to do so is to ask open ended questions, and follow up with clarifying questions. Chorus pinpoints the best questions your team asks, so your team can learn from your best reps' best discovery questions.    

Pitching Against Competitors: Your sales team hears the most direct feedback from the market on how your solution stacks up against your competitors. Chorus helps you learn when and why you win against your competitors, so your whole team is armed with the best competitive positioning.

Pricing: Pricing is one of the largest leverage points for companies looking to grow revenue and move up-market. Capturing good pricing is a function of effective Discovery early on, good positioning, and many more. Chorus makes it easy to see this information at a glance to understand and replicate what works.
Where does it fit with existing enterprise sales tech? With which platforms is it integrated?
Chorus understands that transitioning to new tools and workflows is a non-starter for most sales teams, which is why we seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and all the most common screenshare platforms.  With the Chorus dialer, you can place calls inside Salesforce with a single click, and automatically log call Tasks with your call notes to your Activity History. Chorus also seamlessly captures your meetings in WebEx, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Join.Me, UberConference, and ClearSlide.
Do Sales reps need to notify prospects that the call is being recorded?
Yes. Chorus' insights are generated from call recordings. Call recording laws vary at the federal and state level, but simply notifying participants that the call is being recorded covers the laws across all jurisdictions. If you aren't recording calls today, we'll share a number of options and work with your counsel to find a solution that works for them and your reps.
Don't prospects object to the call being recorded?
This has not been our customers' experience. Prospects understand that large, growing companies need to train new hires, and even expect companies of a certain size to do it. They also appreciate a sales rep recording a call so they can stay fully focused on the conversation and have something to reference. It enables the rep to give the customer a better experience.

If a customer ever does object, Chorus makes it easy to disable the prospect side of the recording with the click of a button.
What languages does Chorus work with?
Chorus currently works with U.S. English only.
How do you purchase Chorus?
Request a demo through this form. You can be up and running in less than 15 minutes. To use Chorus, you must be on the Enterprise version of

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