Chorus Cast

5 Essential Things Sales Leaders Should Do To Help Their Team Succeed

About this Month's Chorus Cast

Kicking off of our monthly Chorus Cast series is Mike McDonough, RVP Midmarket Sales, and Liana Meringolo, AE.

After several years as a Regional VP, Mike's excited to share the 5 most important things he’s learned that a sales leader can do to set up their team for success. He and Liana will cover:

  • Prioritizing Mental Health
  • Rejecting Micromanagement
  • Nurturing a Coaching Culture
  • Embracing Automation
  • Managing Up
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Mike McDonough, RVP Midmarket Sales at

What is your go-to cold call opener?
Happy Monday, I bet you weren't expecting a cold call from me right now.

What's one non-work thing you do each day that makes you better at your job?

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