Shorter Ramp Times and Faster Scaling with

The Results

  • Faster ramp times for a fast-growing sales team

  • More actionable and timely feedback for new reps

  • The ability to quickly resolve sales messaging problems

With, we were able to pinpoint the areas of confusion for our sales reps around our new product’s pricing model. That allowed us to course correct, recalibrate our messaging… and further train our sales team.

Alex Jaffe

Director of Sales Enablement, Procore

Construction projects are complex, risky and resource-intensive by nature. But Procore Technologies, Inc. (Procore), a leading provider of cloud-based applications for the construction industry, makes it easier for construction professionals to build quality projects safely, on time and on budget. The Carpinteria, California-based company increases construction project efficiency and accountability by connecting people, applications and devices through one unified platform.

Procore, founded in 2003, has seen its growth skyrocket in recent years alongside demand for cloud-based tools in the construction industry. More than 2 million users around the world rely on its products for project management, quality and safety, construction financials, and field productivity. The company has over 250 sales reps already and adds anything between 25 to 40 new sales development reps, account reps and sales engineers quarterly. This means they are under constant pressure to get new team members performing optimally as quickly as possible.

Christian Tomita

Christian Tomita

Sales Enablement Specialist, Procore

Being able to sell as quickly and efficiently as possible, with help from, is a true value for our sales department.

Extracting insights from to enhance new sales rep performance #

Procore uses’s conversation intelligence platform for sales to speed the ramp times for the latest hires to its fast-growing team. That, in turn, helps drive overall sales team performance, according to Christian Tomita, Sales Enablement Specialist at Procore. “Being able to sell as quickly and efficiently as possible, with help from, is a true value for our sales department,” he says.

Procore is also using the platform—which securely captures, stores and analyzes sales calls and meetings—to enhance product and persona trainings for new sales team members. “As a rep is learning to demo our product, and starting to engage with customers directly, we’re recording those interactions with,” says Alex Jaffe, Director of Sales Enablement at Procore.

Jaffe explains that the insights gleaned from the analysis of those recordings allow sales leadership to provide specific, timely and actionable feedback to new reps, so that they can refine their techniques and improve their overall performance.

Identifying and addressing product messaging confusion—fast—with # has also helped Procore to improve the overall performance of its sales organization—and the company’s bottom line—by ensuring all team members are accurate in their messaging with customers. For example, according to Jaffe, recently helped Procore discover that its sales reps weren’t pitching the right pricing model for a newly launched product.

“With, we were able to pinpoint the areas of confusion for our sales reps around our new product’s pricing model,” says Jaffe. “That allowed us to course correct, recalibrate our messaging with help from the product and product marketing teams, and further train our sales team.”

He adds, “We wouldn’t have had access to those sales meeting insights and been able to resolve the messaging issue so quickly if we weren’t using”


Procore helps firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation. This real time data and accessibility minimizes costly risks and delays—ultimately boosting profits.

Using Procore's award-winning suite of project management tools, over a million registered Procore users across the globe manage all types of construction projects including industrial plants, office buildings, apartment complexes, university facilities, retail centers, and more.