is fantastic. Its ability to record conversations and turn them into searchable transcripts is hugely valuable for coaching, highlighting ways to improve our sales playbooks, and even quantifying customer-driven requests to help drive product strategy.
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Sham Sao | Chief Customer Officer, Placester

  • 70% reduction in sales call review time
  • 50% reduction in sales rep onboarding time
  • Improved accuracy and clarity of sales messaging

Helping Sales Reps Achieve Better Outcomes With

Location, location, location has long been the mantra in the real estate industry — and it now applies to the virtual world as well. How real estate professionals showcase properties and engage buyers and sellers online is critical to their business success. But they often lack the tools, tech-savvy and time to get their information online. That’s where Placester’s real estate technology platform can help.

Placester, based in Boston, Mass., provides templates that allow real estate agents and brokers to easily build modern, mobile-friendly real estate websites for capturing buyer and seller leads. It also offers CRM and email marketing tools for lead management and keeping in touch with home buyers and sellers. Placester serves more than 400,000 real estate professionals and is the official member benefits program of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Placester’s revenue-generation teams support current customers and build brand new pipeline, while also helping Placester’s product development and executive teams better understand what solutions the real estate professionals would like to see the company deliver to the market next.

Reducing Barriers to Efficient Onboarding and Meaningful Coaching

Onboarding and coaching reps had long been tedious processes for Placester’s busy sales team because they were using disparate tools to record and track sales calls. “Whether we wanted to do individual coaching or hold group training sessions, gathering relevant call information required going into Salesforce and several different apps,” says Alexis Caso, Manager of SMB Sales for Placester.

That process, plus listening to the calls, took a lot of time. And according to Caso, most reps weren’t motivated to do that work on their own. Now, she says self-critiquing is a regular activity for reps because it’s so easy to review calls with That process is helping reps to refine their skills on their own; it’s also opening the door to more targeted coaching from managers.

“Chorus has helped improve my relationship with my managers,” says Taylor Jacoby, Senior Account Executive, SMB, Placester. “They now have better insight into what I’m struggling with on a day-to-day basis, as well as where I am exceeding their expectations. Chorus is helping us to create a more transparent sales organization, and it’s allowing me to benchmark my own progress.”

Jacoby says the conversation intelligence platform also lets everyone at Placester hear the voice of the customer loud and clear. “ helps us understand what our clients need and what’s happening with our product on the ground,” says Jacoby. “And we can use information from specific calls to back that up, not just anecdotal information.”

Caso says the ease of listening to calls recorded with has helped Placester to reduce ramp time for new reps from four weeks to two. It’s also allowed Caso to reduce the time she spends reviewing sales calls by 70 percent. Also, by using, Caso can provide much more timely guidance to sales reps about managing customers’ objections. “Before, any tips I provided came well after the fact because I didn’t have the time or tools to quickly dive into calls,” she says. “Now, I can actually help reps affect the outcome of their sales process.”

Standardizing Sales Messaging on Contracts, Pricing, and Features

Casey Popkins, Director, SMB Sales at Placester, says the conversation intelligence platform has had a significant impact on the sales team’s ability to provide clear and accurate information to customers. As an example, he says helped Placester quickly identify an issue with how some sales reps were talking about contracts.

“The reps were explaining contract details in a way that wasn’t resonating well with some customers,” says Popkins. “So, we used Chorus to track words like ‘contract,’ ‘commitment’ and ‘e-signature’ in our sales calls and found that ambiguous language was creating confusion for some customers.”

Popkins says that a few days after that discovery, the sales team was using new messaging that made contract details much clearer. “We also asked the team to flag calls where they felt they did a good job of using the new messaging, so the whole team could learn from their experience,” says Popkins, adding that Placester is also now using the platform to gauge customer feedback on pricing changes.

“One of our most experienced reps didn’t realize that a feature he was describing to customers had been changed. Without Chorus, we wouldn’t have been able to pull and listen to his calls and help him adopt the right messaging so quickly.”

Sham Sao, Chief Customer Officer, Placester, adds, “ is fantastic. Its ability to record conversations and turn them into searchable transcripts is hugely valuable for coaching, highlighting ways to improve our sales playbooks, and even quantifying customer-driven requests to help drive product strategy.”