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With, we are able to drive the talk tracks and process training so hard into the new hires that we’ve gotten to a point where the rookies have the same win rates as veterans in less than five months of joining.

Neil Scott

Sales Director, Mid-Market, InsightSquared

InsightSquared helps revenue operations professionals make better decisions by equipping them with actionable, real-time intelligence on sales and marketing KPIs. Founded in 2010, businesses rely on the company’s solutions to forecast more accurately, better manage pipeline, tailor rep coaching based on individual performance, understand their marketing attribution, and conduct data-backed planning and analysis.

As the company continues to grow—they are now at 150+ employees, and have recently raised $23M in funding—the InsightSquared sales team continues to look for ways to decrease time to ramp and increase the consistency of their own sales efforts.

Neil Scott

Neil Scott

Sales Director, Mid-Market, InsightSquared

We've gotten to a point where the rookies have the same win rates as veterans.

Ad Hoc Sales Coaching and Onboarding Before #

Before implementing, the sales team at InsightSquared didn’t have a formal—or consistently used—process for capturing key points from their sales calls. This meant that their onboarding program was based on best practices sourced from the team, but didn’t necessarily have an objective perspective on the best-performing sales process.

Similarly, sales managers often weren’t aware of which team members needed coaching, on which skills, until they were in jeopardy of missing their quarterly numbers. They realized that the sales calls were the missing link when it came to the information they needed to hone their sales process.

“We realized that not every sales manager can be on every single call with their reps—and that’s the majority of selling, right?” said Neil Scott, Sales Director, Mid-Market, InsightSquared. “You can review emails, you can look in the CRM, but you can’t be there on every call.”

The sales leadership team needed an efficient way to review those calls quickly and more importantly, gain insights from those calls that could be used to continually improve each salesperson’s pitch, and the overall company sales process.

How Improved InsightSquared’s Sales Onboarding and Coaching # was quickly integrated into the sales team’s weekly team meetings, giving team members the opportunity to tee up areas for self-improvement and solicit feedback from their peers.

“We started doing these weekly review sessions where people would bring a call that they had a particular question about or that they had done something pretty well,” said John Gill, Senior Account Executive at InsightSquared. “They’d use the search functionality to skip ahead to certain important parts of the call, share it, and review what happened.” has been useful in competitor training as well. “Sometimes you have questions that come up in the sales manager meetings, where they say, ‘We’re hearing this a lot’,” said Scott. “Often times it’s just anecdotal, one rep, whoever had the loudest voice is complaining about certain things. With Chorus, we changed the way we messaged about some of our competitors in this space and figured out who we needed to train to get past their biases.”

For example, some of InsightSquared’s competitors only come into play in a specific range of enterprise-level deals. After reviewing data on the competitor, they realized they didn’t need to have the SMB team trained on the objection handles with that competition, saving the team time and money. “That was a pretty big material difference, where we probably would’ve spent cycles educating the rest of the team on something that they don’t actually see that often,” said Scott.

For InsightSquared, has given the sales team a much more complete view of how their sales team—and the rest of the organization—is interacting with their customers and prospects. “If you think about all the different interac-tions that you have with customers or prospects on the phone, there’s a lot of data,” said Scott. “Being able to parse through that information in a way that’s efficient—that allows you to know where to point your efforts—has been extremely beneficial.”

Although the sales team was the early adopter of the platform, InsightSquared sees as having applications throughout the organization. From allowing product managers to understand what missing product functionality caused a deal to close lost, to providing the marketing team with the natural language that customers and prospects use to describe their challenges and needs, will continue to work its way through the organization.

Fast-growing technology companies recognize the strategic value of revenue operations — but delivering that value first requires ops leaders to break the cycle of spreadsheets.

Enter: InsightSquared. They provide visual, actionable reporting on virtually all sales and marketing KPIs to empower operations to help leadership forecast more accurately, better manage sales pipeline, equip sales managers with the insights needed to provide individualized rep coaching, and advise executives on planning and analysis.

InsightSquared is headquartered in Boston, MA, where they are consistently named one of the best places to work.

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