"Your best assets are your more senior people. Being able to scale our best reps’ coaching and learnings through Chrous.ai is just infinitely better than what we did before."
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Chris Pope | Director, Product Consulting, Engagio

  • Improved revenue team alignment
  • Increased sales team productivity
  • Faster ramp times for new reps

Enhancing Customer Engagement with Conversation Intelligence from Chorus.ai

Strong and enduring customer relationships are essential to marketing and sales success in the B2B space. But in the age of automation, the human element in marketing and sales can easily get lost. Engagio, based in San Mateo, California, is working to fix that. It’s software solutions are designed to enable marketers to scale the benefits of automation with the personalized benefits of the human touch.

The fast-growing company’s marketing orchestration software helps B2B marketers create and measure customer engagement. And its Account Based Marketing (ABM) solutions give marketers and their companies more ability to “land and expand” high-value accounts, and also track the health of accounts.

Given the purpose of Engagio’s solutions, it’s imperative for the company itself to clearly demonstrate sales team effectiveness. That’s why it ensures its sales reps have access to valuable insights that will help them better engage customers and prospects during sales calls and meetings.

Tapping Chorus.ai to Help Reps Master Discovery Call Dynamics

Engagio implemented the Chorus.ai conversation intelligence platform to help improve the sales team’s discovery skills. “We want our discovery calls to be more like tennis matches than interrogations,” explains Ray Carroll, Vice President of Sales at Engagio. “With Chorus.ai, we’re able to see what percentage of the time a sales rep is talking and educating during a call, and what percentage of the time the customer is talking.”

Carroll says that Chorus.ai helps him to identify the reps who are skillfully pulling information from a potential customer — not inundating them with information. “Ideally, we want the customer to be talking a lot of the time,” he says.

The insight Chorus.ai provides about the back-and-forth with customers in sales interactions helps team members to up their game. “Chorus.ai has enabled me to understand how effective I am when talking to prospects,” says Will Larkin, Corporate Account Executive at Engagio. “One of the most interesting stats I’ve seen is that on my high-velocity opportunities, I’m seeing 47 to 50 percent talk time.” He adds, “Knowing how to be an active listener and to set the agenda have really been key for me in moving opportunities forward.”

Using Chorus.ai to Go Beyond “Gut Feel” to Understand Customer Motivations

“Chorus.ai gives us insights and data into our sales conversations that we didn’t have before,” says Brandon Redlinger, Director of Growth at Engagio. “We used to make a lot of decisions based on gut feel. But now, we can go back and listen to calls and collect valuable information — such as when a customer mentions a competitor, for example. Chorus.ai lets us open up the curtains to visibility we never had before.”

Chorus.ai is also helping Engagio to understand the “why” behind a successful close. “Before Chorus.ai, we had to rely on our sales reps to take and share notes from calls and meetings with customers,” says Scott Fehr, Engagio’s Vice President of Customer Success and Services. “That’s good, but there’s nothing like seeing the data and hearing the words of the salesperson. Chorus.ai gives us a lot more concrete information about what happened in a sales conversation that led to a customer signing up with us.”

Increasing Revenue Team Alignment and Sales Team Efficiency with Chorus.ai

Chorus.ai is helping Enagio’s revenue team, from sales to marketing to customer success, to achieve better alignment. It’s also allowing the company to create an even more effective sales organization — one where every rep has access to tools and knowledge that help them to better engage customers who are looking for ways to better engage their customers.

Those tools include best practices from seasoned team members, says Chris Pope, Director of Product Consulting at Engagio: “Your best assets are your more senior people. Being able to scale our best reps’ coaching and learnings through Chorus.ai is just infinitely better than what we did before. We’re able to ramp reps much faster, too.”

Chorus.ai is also driving sales team efficiency and productivity at Engagio, according to Carroll. “Chorus.ai helps us make sure that we are running our sales process as tight as we possibly can,” he says. And that efficiency, in turn, enhances productivity, he explains. “Think of it this way: If you have a big team, even the slightest increase in efficiency across the team equals a lot of sales productivity.”