Keeping Quality in Focus While Growing Fast with Help from

The Results

  • Reduced new rep ramp time from 10 business day to three

  • Faster development of the midlevel management team

  • More time to provide coaching to all team members has helped us to build a more modern, efficient sales and customer success process. It has changed our operations—and our company.

James Isilay

Co-Founder and CEO, Cognism

Cognism is a revenue intelligence company that helps B2B sales and marketing teams use high-quality prospect data to find their next big revenue opportunity. It provides an end-to-end sales acceleration solution, delivered as software as a service (SaaS), that can connect to any customer relationship management (CRM) system. Cognism’s platform generates, cleans, and enriches prospect data at scale, and uses AI technology to surface opportunities and identify customer trends from that data — which is also General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-compliant.

Cognism, which was founded in 2016 and is based in London, England, and Skopje, Macedonia, experienced 23 percent monthly revenue growth during 2018. And in early 2019, the company secured £2.8 million in funding that it plans to use for product enhancements and market expansion. In short, Cognism has been growing rapidly, and so, too, has its sales and customer success teams. When onboarding and training new team members, Cognism must be fast but thorough, so that it doesn’t risk undermining its reputation for providing premium service to its customers.

Nazma Qurban

Nazma Qurban

Chief Revenue Officer, Cognism

Since we started using, we've reduced the ramp time for new sales reps from 10 business days to three.

Using Call Recordings in to Let New Reps “See What Success Looks Like” #

CEO James Isilay, who co-founded Cognism with Chief Technical Officer Stjepan Buljat, says the company adopted the conversation intelligence platform so it could closely monitor the quality of every sales and customer success call. “ is the best solution we found on the market that lets us do that in a seamless way,” says Isilay.

Identifying what’s working well, or not, in sales and customer success calls — and which team members aren’t performing to expectations and why — is critical to ensuring that Cognism is delivering the best service possible to its customers and prospects. “We offer a premium product, and we want to make sure that we are also providing premium service to our customers, as well as premium training to our employees,” says Nazma Qurban, chief revenue officer at Cognism.

That high-quality training, Qurban says, includes giving new reps access to the ever-growing library of Cognism’s sales and customer success call recordings stored in’s library. “Those recordings really help them to understand how to communicate with customers,” says Qurban. “They can see what success looks like and then apply those techniques in their conversations with customers.”

Cognism’s new hires for sales and customer success are also ramping up much faster because the platform is helping to make their training more relevant and efficient. “Since we started using, we’ve reduced the ramp time for new reps from 10 business days to three,” says Qurban.

Giving All Team Members the Opportunity to Grow with Help from # is also allowing Cognism’s sales and customer success coaches to do their work more efficiently — which, in turn, gives them more time for coaching their team members. Isilay explains, “ lets the coaching team jump into calls to get key insights instead of going through hours of recordings. So, they can now spend time coaching every person, instead of having to be selective.”

The coaches, especially those working in midlevel management roles, are also improving their own performance by using the platform. “The company is growing so fast, we really have to develop the second layer of management in our customer success organization faster,” says Kristapor Giragosian, vice president of customer success at Cognism. “ allows us to help these people become better coaches, just by giving them the ability to replay and analyze all of the customer success calls and processes.”

While Cognism initially adopted to monitor the quality of its sales and customer success calls, Isilay says the company is now using the solution in other ways, such as for analyzing customer disputes. “The use cases just explode once you integrate into your organization — it’s just such a useful tool,” says Isilay. “It’s also one of the easiest tools that we’ve ever integrated into our tech stack.”

Isilay says that everything — the platform and the company — provides, from timesaving and data insights to knowledge and support, is helping to enhance Cognism’s bottom line. ““ has helped us to build a more modern, efficient sales and customer success process,” he says. “It has changed our operations — and our company.”


Delivered as a software service (SaaS), with a unique data asset and patented Revenue AI engine, Cognism uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enrich CRM records, identify customer trends and stream leads into the funnel. Cognism's transformative solutions are proven to help B2B organizations visualize, identify and engage their next greatest opportunity.