80% Partner Attribution Rate with Chorus.ai

Case Study


With Chorus we’ve been able to automate our entire attribution process and I now have a more accurate read on the impact partnerships have on our bottom line. Thanks to Chorus, I am able to confidently report that 80% of all opportunities stem from partner-influenced deals.

Mike Stocker

VP of Strategic Partnerships

The Challenge

“While Partnership Programs are an intricate part of any organization’s GTM strategy, there has long been a challenge in measuring their direct impact,” explains Mike Stocker, VP of Strategic Partnerships at RollWorks. “This is especially frustrating when leadership is asking you to show them the impact your team has on the organization’s bottom line.”

When Mike first started at RollWorks, his team relied on individual sales reps to tag opportunities in Salesforce as partner-sourced or partner-influenced. “This wasn’t sustainable and it didn’t result in a true representation of my team’s impact. I knew I needed to find a better and more reliable way to measure attribution.”

To prove the value and direct impact of his partnership program, Mike began his search for a solution that could help him accurately correlate partner-influenced deals to revenue.

The Solution

In addition to tracking partnership attribution in Chorus, it was also important for RollWorks to ensure new message adoption for all customer-facing roles on any new partnership launch. Chorus allowed RollWorks to gain insights from all customer-facing conversations and understand how their Sales & Customer Success teams were positioning new partnerships.

“We were able to launch the RollWorks RollCoach Program, and leverage Chorus’ scorecard functionality – which allowed managers to “assess” conversations at scale on the positioning of new partnerships.” – says Cheryl Bisram, Director of Sales Enablement. “The program has been proven to be successful in driving new message adoption for our teams and is now a key part of our GTM Launch process. Since the launch of RollCoach, we have launched 15+ Scorecards for major launches, and seen an average score of 4/5.”

“Once I understood the impact and value of the intelligence Sales was surfacing from Chorus, a light bulb went off; I could use Chorus to develop workflows for identifying partner attribution,” explained Mike.

Intrigued and impressed by the insights being unearthed by Chorus, Mike worked with his Sales Enablement and Revenue Operations teams to build out custom logic to track partnership attribution. “We tested different keywords and cadences to understand what would best indicate an opportunity was truly influenced by our partner program,” said Mike. “One of the things we found was if the term ‘partnership’ was mentioned more than 3 times on one call, there is an extremely high probability that it is a partner-influenced opp.”

Today, Mike and his team have workflows in place within Chorus and Salesforce that automatically tag an opportunity as partner-influenced when the specific criteria they set up is mentioned on a call.

“With this automated workflow in place, we can really dig into the analytics. And, in doing so, we’re continually learning and uncovering new insights. For example, Chorus has helped us prove that partner-influenced deals have a 66% higher win rate and a 10% higher contract value.”

The Results

Before Chorus, only 10-20% of opportunities were being manually tagged as partner-influenced by RollWorks’ sales team. “With Chorus we’ve been able to automate our entire attribution process and I now have a more accurate read on the impact partnerships have on our bottom line. Thanks to Chorus, I am able to confidently report that 80% of all opportunities stem from partner-influenced deals.”

Not only was Mike looking to uncover the true representation of partner influence, he also wanted to track those opportunities through the customer lifecycle to understand if having a partner involved results in a better outcome. “The insights we’re getting from Chorus have shown us that customers who use at least one of our partner integrations have a 30% higher renewal rate than those who don’t,” explained Mike.

“I am involved in different forums and leadership groups like Partnership Leaders and whenever I explain to my peers how my team leverages Chorus to track attribution, I see their eyes light up. Being able to accurately track partner influence is a universal challenge in our industry and with Chorus we’ve been able to overcome that obstacle which has opened so many doors and opportunities for my team.”

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