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Best Practices

Daily Best Practices to Keep Remote Revenue Teams Running Smoothly

Here’s a look at six best practices that you and your remote revenue team can adopt and adapt to quickly.

A Day in the Life of Becc Holland

Day in the Life

For Becc Holland,’s Head of Sales Development, Sales Is Much More Than a Career — It’s in Her DNA

Becc Holland was born to sell. This is how she stays motivated, and schedules her day to make the biggest impact she can.

woman watching a webinar


7 Top Inspiration-Sparking Sales Webinars of 2019

Moving into 2020, professional development is high on my New Year's Resolution List. Here are my favorite inspiration-sparking webinars of 2019.

Flip the Script: Emails

Flip the Script

The “Rules of the Road” for Writing Emails That Will Win Over Prospects

Becc Holland, Sales Director at, breaks down some of her strategies to help sales pros perfect the art of email outreach.

Objection Handling

Flip the Script

Objection Handling: 6 Bedrock Principles That Can Get You to “Yes"

The path to more effective objection handling begins when sales pros let go of the typical counter-arguments they’ve been taught to use.

Flip the Script Cold Calling

Flip the Script

Fail-Proof Cold-Calling Techniques from Becc Holland

How to Warm Up the Cold Call and Fuel the Meeting Pipeline

Chorus Cold Calling


The Ultimate Guide to Cold Calling

The Ultimate Guide to demystify the art of cold calling. Read on for key insights including scripts, cold-call templates, data-backed tips, and more.

Becc Holland Flip the Script Postbound Leads

Flip the Script

Leads from Webinars, Content, and Events: What to call them, which team they belong to, and what to say to drive conversion

How should sales teams categorize and prioritize postbound leads? Becc Holland suggests 5 sequences, which she developed for her team to use.

Flip the Script - Personalization at Scale

Flip the Script

How to Personalize at Scale

Becc Holland offers actionable tips to deliver a personalized flavor when pitching to prospects - and helping reps do it in a scalable and consistent way.

How to Build a Prospect Friendly Qualifying Process


How to Build a Prospect-Friendly Qualifying Process

Using BANT to qualify inbound prospects run the risk of seeming intrusive. Becc Holland offers tips to avoid putting inbound prospects on the defensive.

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