Win More Deals With Video [Infographic]

Win More Deals With Video [Infographic]

February 6, 2019

Shawn Parrotte

A year or so ago we partnered with Zoom to show the power of turning your camera on in those digital meetings. Since then, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the way that revenue teams have had to accommodate this “new normal”.

Digital meetings are now more important than ever, and sales managers must meet the call to keep their teams running smoothly.

We have had to similarly adapt. To inform our own best practices, we go by the data.

Our research shows that when you use video, the amount of engaging moments increase, the follow-ups and next steps are clearer, and the facial expressions and tone of meeting participants are easier to read.

As businessman Chris Voss said, “only 7% of a message is based on the words, while 38% comes from the tone of voice and 55% from the speaker’s body language and face.”

If you’re wondering if there is a single, simple tip to keep your team aligned while we all adapt to working remotely — video is it.

Here’s what the data shows us:

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