Win More Deals With Video [Infographic]

Win More Deals With Video [Infographic]

February 6, 2019

Shawn Parrotte

Picture this: You’re working from home or maybe you've got a bad hair day. And because of this, you'd prefer to use your profile picture as a stand in for your live webcam feed. What difference will it make, right?

Turns out it’s a big difference — as much as 9% points in win rates — based on a recent joint research by Zoom and At Chorus we used our advanced AI-based technology to analyze >150,000 sales meetings that happened through Zoom’s video communication platform. Meetings where the rep and the prospects kept their videos on through all meetings had the highest win rates.

Giving each other a window to observe reactions and body language helps people connect as individuals, even during a B2B sales cycle. Reps can use the video feed to build trust, observe prospect demeanor or reactions, and respond accordingly. This feedback helps them improve meeting results.

Data from these meetings tells us that the impact of video communications and screen sharing are much more significant than we presumed:

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