The Do's And Don'ts Of A Sales Film Review

September 18, 2018

Shawn Parrotte

Film reviews can be an effective method of coaching your sales team if they’re done correctly. Before outlining the critical dos and don’ts of conducting a film review with your sales team, check out this video of's CEO, Roy Raanani, sharing his thoughts on effective film review.

Show the Good and the Bad #

It’s important to keep a balance during sales reviews. Showing successful sales techniques allows all members of the team to learn new methods and tricks. Showing the bad allows team members to understand common mistakes, and how to learn from them.

Keep It Positive #

It’s not easy for anyone to watch themselves in their worst selling moments. Try your hardest to always focus the conversation on constructive criticism, and always offer alternative techniques to ones that haven’t worked out so well. Remember, salespeople need to be positive 24/7. This is hard enough in a job where a person is forced to go through a lot of rejection. Don’t make it harder for them by being negative during training.

Private and Public #

There are two types of film reviews. Private, which are between the sales manager and individual rep, and group focused, where the team gets together to give feedback. Both are useful - private film reviews allow for more critiquing without someone feeling embarrassed, and public reviews foster collaboration on the team.

Don’t Single People Out During Group Reviews #

During group film reviews, try and make a montage of several different sales reps using similar techniques. That way if you are focusing on things that don’t work, individual reps in the film won’t feel singled out. This creates a learning culture around mistakes, which will make it much more likely your reps will bring issues up proactively, instead of sweeping them under the rug. Also, it’s generally the case that if one person on the team is doing something that doesn’t work, they’re probably not the only one.

Exception to the Last Rule #

Your top sales rep deserves to be singled out, and other people on the team deserve the chance to learn from her or him. Try to identify what sets this rep apart from the pack, and show these techniques during group reviews.

Foster a Dialogue #

During group film reviews, managers should try their best to speak as little as possible. Pose questions to the group, and take a back seat while your team discusses the positive and negative elements of what’s recorded. After all, one of the primary purposes of a film review is to foster collaboration between your reps and cultivate a common sense of team spirit.

Pay Attention to Tone of Voice #

Film reviews offer a great opportunity to focus on ‘intangibles’ during a sales call. Try noticing differences in tone of voice between average reps and top performing reps, to see if there are any similarities.

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