The Daily Briefing: April 8, 2020

April 8, 2020

Shawn Parrotte

Jim Benton was joined by Manoj Ramnani, Founder & CEO of SalesIntel, for today’s Daily Briefing. They discussed the latest data from Chorus which revealed that prospecting activities - both emails and cold calls - spiked last week.

Here are the numbers:

  • Cold call volume increased 14%
  • Meeting volume dipped 11%
  • SDR emails are up an average of 51% - that’s 72 emails per day

Meeting volume falls, but cold calls jump #

In a shift from previous findings, Chorus data shows that last week’s meeting volume dipped 11% but cold call volume was up 14%.

Mulling over this finding and the current climate, Jim and Manoj shared similar observations of this data playing out in the real world.

“It makes sense when you look at what we’re going through,” explained Manoj, “Most of these calls are going to first time buyers who aren’t in the mindset to buy something new.”

And, in this new normal, it’s not always clear that sales teams have the right phone number to call. “Most of us are not in our offices,” he added. “So no matter how many calls you’re making to the office, we’re not picking up those calls. You have to make sure you have their mobile number too.”

“That’s exactly right,” Jim said. “After a dip in previous weeks, we’re now seeing a 14% increase in cold call volume.” As meetings continue to hold steady, the key is to make sure that revenue teams are comfortable and enabled to continue making calls and sending emails.

To this, Manoj offers this advice to his teams: “It’s two things. Be safe and healthy at home, and stay focused.”

Instead of casting a wide net, hunting for any potential prospect, consider narrowing your focus. Reach out to those companies in industries who could truly benefit from your solution today, or in the near future.

And, more importantly, refine your messaging. “We refined our message to why us, why you, and why today,” said Manoj.

This return to authenticity, empathy, and true value is what makes this industry great. “This is what has brought the joy of sales back to me,” said Jim. “It’s great to see the community coming together.”

The Daily Briefing Cold call volume increased

Cold call volume increased 14% week over week.

Email volume spikes +50%, SDRs send 362 emails a week #

Since the beginning of March, email volume is up an average of over 50%. The data shows that SDRs are sending about 362 emails per week. In February, SDRs sent 239 per week.

Day to day, this is a big jump. “That’s an increase from 47 emails to 72 emails - per day.”

Neither Jim nor Manoj were surprised by this data, especially given the climate.

But this does beg the question: Is “more” truly better?

“I’ll be interested to see the final outcome of this,” said Manoj, “I don’t think that ‘more is better’ is the right strategy right now. Your message has to be really refined.”

In fact, Manoj said that his team has reduced the number of emails they are sending out. “We are really focusing,” he said. “No more cadences. Each email you’re sending out must be tailored.

This approach has a few implications. It means that each person must be trained on messaging and personalization, and each part of the process must shift gears to be more effective with higher efficiency.

“It’s how we use our tools differently right now,” said Jim. “Every message counts - people are willing to connect. But you have to be compassionate and focused.”

The Daily Briefing SD Rs are supplementing dials

SDRs are supplementing dials with increased email outreach.

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