Chorus Receives The 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award From Frost & Sullivan

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Chorus Receives The 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award From Frost & Sullivan

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The Daily Briefing: April 6, 2020

April 6, 2020

Shawn Parrotte

Jim Benton opened up the week with Dave Boyce, Chief Strategy Officer at Xant on today’s Daily Briefing. They discussed meeting volume and productivity which fell 11% last week.

Here are the numbers:

  • Meeting volume fell 11% last week.
  • Meetings held steady at the end of Q1, leading into a dip in the first week of Q2. This is different YoY, as we saw a dip at the end of Q1 last year, and started Q2 with an upward trend.
  • Monday meetings are popular. 18% last week, up from 14% baseline.

Meeting volume fell 11% last week. #

This is the first significant drop off that we’ve observed since COVID-19 starting impacting North American businesses.

“It is the start of the quarter,” said Jim, “but I think this shows a leveling of the spike we saw in some market segments over the past few weeks.”

First week of Q2 started with a meeting dip, unique to 2020 #

We’ve observed a slight shift in the curve related to the end of the quarter. Last year, meeting volume dipped in the last week of the quarter and then picked back up in the first week of Q2.

This year, we saw meeting volume hold steady in the last week of the quarter and now dip the first week of Q2.

This shift was something Jim and Dave expected, “We are seeing day-to-day activity changes,” Dave added. “Over the past two weeks in particular.”

The Daily Briefing General Productivity Down

General Productivity down 11% week over week as we start Q2.

Monday meetings are more popular #

On a lighter note, we’ve seen a shift in when meetings are happening. With buyers and sellers working from home with little to no commute, we’re constantly seeing meetings shift to Mondays.

Normally only 14.2% of the week’s meetings happen on Monday. Last week it was 18.4%, and this is a trend we’ve observed over the prior 2 weeks as well.

This makes sense as we all adapt to the new world. “We have lots of standing weekly meetings and check-ins,” said Dave. “We’re getting back into the working week.”

Ending on a High Note #

Jim and Dave were able to come together and discuss compelling data while navigating connection difficulties that are commonplace in our new normal.

They both had an optimistic view to offer the sales community.

Looking at the data and what it means for the current state of sales, Jim said, “It’s reassuring and comforting to see the spike in productivity across the industry. Doing what we do best.”

And, it works. “We’re also noticing that people are still answering the phone,” added Dave. “Activity and connect rates are holding steady. We may be opening these conversations differently, but the conversations are happening.”

The Daily Briefing Significant Shift to Monday Meeting

Significant shift to Monday meetings vs. baseline.

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