The Daily Briefing: March 30, 2020

March 30, 2020

Shawn Parrotte

On today’s Daily Briefing, Jodi Maxson, Head of Sales Productivity at, joined Chorus CEO Jim Benton to discuss productivity trends since COVID-19 and the transition to remote revenue teams.

You would imagine that everyone would see a significant decrease in productivity across industries, markets, and revenue teams.

But that’s not exactly what the data tells us.

Productivity is Holding Steady #

Since the beginning of March, we’ve seen an overall 10% decrease in revenue team productivity.

This week we saw only a 6% decrease in overall productivity. (That’s a 4% lift WoW.)

Yes, still a dip. But not nearly as large as we thought it would be.

Jim asked if Jodi had seen a similar trend on her sales floor.

“I’m seeing the exact same thing. And in fact our productivity seems to have gone up.” Everyone is settling into the transition it seems. “Productivity did go down during the first week or two. We had some educational issues for people who have never worked from home,” she explained, “But this week productivity has gone up.”

TDB 03 30 Overall Productivity

General productivity still holding steady.

Productivity Depends on the Market Segment #

Some segments are accelerating more than others. The FinTech Segment, home to companies like, is up 15% week over week.

Jodi said that this uptick is probably due to their teams getting set up for success in this new climate. “We had to transition our infrastructure,” she said, “We’re now getting used to it and optimizing our workflow.”

When thinking through what made this week so different, Jodi mentioned a few things that shifted for them. “You used to think that you could replace all interactions with calls or emails. But we do need face to face meetings, face to face interactions. What we’re doing with technology is mirroring what we need in our lives.”

It’s about how we are now conducting business. “It’s truly learning how to reconnect and do business differently,” Jim added.

The assumption is that doing business differently means that we are doing business less. “When you’re not looking at the data,” Jim explained, “it’s easy to think that you shouldn’t hire more salespeople or continue your outreach. But the data shows us that people are still answering and still looking for help.” But, again, the data tells a different story.

Jodi added, “We are hearing that outbound calling is down and we have seen a slight decrease in connect rates. But people do need help. Drive value where you can.”

Jodi’s tip for seeing the bright side? Be patient.

“Have patience with yourself. Nothing worked the way I expected it to work in the beginning. But have a laugh. It will all come out in the wash. It always does.”

TDB 03 30 Segments Change

Signs that some segments are flattening out or rebounding.

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