The Daily Briefing: March 25, 2020

March 25, 2020

Shawn Parrotte

Today we discussed how often COVID-19 is being mentioned in sales calls across the market, and how SDR teams are adapting.

Here is what the data is telling us:

1. Cases and Mentions are on the rise.

Over the last several weeks, the mentions of COVID-19 on business calls has been exponentially rising week over week as we see the number of cases inside of the US rise, creating uncertainty.

In the last week alone, we measured this as a topic on more than 12,500 conversations.

The Daily Briefing Covid Mentions

Is COVID-19 being talked about more?

2. Your frontline is initiating COVID conversations.

Zero surprise that your SDRs and AEs are bringing up COVID. It’s a natural conversation starter and it’s a genuine point of interest for everyone.

  • 50% of mentions of COVID-19 take place at the beginning of a call.
  • And 63% of those mentions are brought up by reps.

Knowing COVID-19 will be discussed, and that someone on your team will be the one to lead the conversation, how do you make sure they are approaching this topic with empathy? Are they able to strike the right balance?

Brian Remington, Head of Global Inside Sales at Skedulo, joined Chorus CEO Jim Benton to discuss how SDR teams are adapting to balance compassion and value.

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The Daily Briefing Who Intitiates

Sales reps usually initiate conversation around COVID-19

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