The Daily Briefing: March 24, 2020

March 24, 2020

Shawn Parrotte

In the first episode of The Daily Briefing, Jim Benton, CEO of, shares how Conversation Intelligence can show the world a unique perspective of the current markets because of the data we capture regarding how sellers are selling and what topics come up in conversations.

Today we discussed the state of productivity across all revenue teams since the outbreak of COVID-19.

This is the data we’re seeing across hundreds of our customers:

1. People are continuing to meet.

An overall 10% decrease in meetings scheduled and kept. Given the circumstances, we expected a more dramatic dip! When it comes to setting and attending meetings, revenue teams are maintaining productivity.

Entire revenue teams can uproot and move their operations to remote, and we see only a slight decrease in productivity - this is due to the incredible professionalism and skill of those honing their craft.

2. Not all market segments have responded equally.

Specific industries are being hit hard (like travel and HR) while others are thriving (like productivity and security).

This kind of real-time market intelligence is what we want to show you with The Daily Briefing!

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COVID-19: How is it affecting productivity for Revenue Teams?

The Daily Briefing 3 24 20 1

Does productivity vary across segments?

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