Introducing: The B2B Sales Show ft. Joe Caprio

May 20, 2019

Shawn Parrotte

We're excited to announce that has partnered with Sweetfish Media, producers of the B2B Growth podcast, to contribute to their latest project: The B2B Sales Show. Joe Caprio, VP Sales at, will be hosting conversations with other sales leaders at fast growing companies to share new ideas and hard won lessons in B2B sales.

In This Episode #

In this episode you'll learn a little bit about Joe,, and what you can expect from upcoming episodes.

  • Joe shares a glimpse into his personal and professional background
  • The "Coaching Paradox" that results from high growth sales organizations
  • How sharing information helps grow and fine-tune your sales machine
  • Future episodes about how to solve sale's biggest challenges

Listen Here #

Highlights #

We’re all here to listen and learn from our peers and colleagues who are facing similar challenges when it comes to growing and fine-tuning your sales machine.

It’s my favorite part of being in SaaS: you can learn so much from fools like me that like to jump on these types of mediums and give away their smartest ideas.

I’ve had an interesting run the past seven or eight years. The companies I’ve joined have had more success than the average startup.

I’ve been lucky, but I’ve seen the challenges that come from that growth firsthand. I’ve also chosen to work in sales and sales enablement technology specifically—not by coincidence.

I’ve spent the better part of a decade interviewing sales and sales ops heads to understand and help solve their biggest problems.

I’ve heard it all, and I’m going to be revisiting some of the best conversations I’ve had with people in my network throughout the years.

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