Effective Multi-Threading to Increase Sales Success

July 3, 2019

Shawn Parrotte

In a complex B2B deal there are multiple stakeholders, in order to see success and move your deal along correctly you need to contact multiple points of contacts instead of just relying on one or two people who like you.

In This Episode #

In this episode of the B2B Sales Show, Joe Caprio sits down with Peter Chun who is the VP of Sales at Lucid Chart.

Peter is an expert at multi-threading, which is a process that involves talking to six to ten people within the organization. This process involves knowing your contacts within the organization before getting on a sales call, in order to better recommend next steps and move the deal forward much faster.

Sales professionals need to identify who the gatekeepers are within the company they are selling to, and find a way to ensure the deal goes through by increasing the number of people that they communicate with.

Lucid Chart communicates things visually through account maps to show where the rep is at in the sales process, making it easy to generate a successful strategy. In this episode, Peter shares his insights on how companies can better train their sales teams to multi-thread correctly and the common pitfalls to avoid.

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Highlights #

It’s a buyer centric world right now.

If the buyer is doing that prep, shouldn’t we as sellers, map to that motion that the buyer is going through?

The most successful reps take the time to get to know their buyers as people.

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