7 Top Inspiration-Sparking Sales Webinars of 2019

January 8, 2020

Sara Howshar

Moving into 2020, professional development is high on my New Year's Resolution List.

Lucky for me, 2019 was an incredible year full of lots and lots of content. If you're in the market for a quick hit list of webinars to watch from your couch (or listen to from your car), I've put together a few of my favorites that have inspired me throughout the year.

Happy learning!

1. "Negotiating and Using Tactical Empathy to Never Split the Difference" #

If you’re looking for universally applied negotiation tactics, this webinar should be on your “must-watch” list.

Sales trainer John Barrows interviews Chris Voss, former FBI negotiator and author of Never Split the Difference, about how to improve your negotiations. Voss negotiated real-world, high-stakes situations such as international hostage releases.

John Barrows and Chris Voss Interview
John Barrows interviews Chris Voss

Voss and Barrows dig into the psychology behind the parties sitting across the table. Things like: why people need to hear their name when you negotiate, and why you never want to hear the words “win-win;”.

My favorite line from this Webinar is, “One of the most dangerous negotiations is the one you don’t know you’re in.”

The truth is many begin on the first call. Learn how to build trust-based influence and identify the prospect’s “fear of loss” in this awesome webinar.

Tip: Chris Voss's book, Never Split the Difference, is an excellent read as well!

2. "How to Build the Ultimate Sales Forecasting Approach for Predictable Revenue" #

Kevin Mckeown from Cision puts it plainly: Sales Forecasting is an essential chore. We all know the difficulties: inconsistent revenue reporting, getting stuck in spreadsheets without context, and hours upon hours of meetings interrogating reps.

The Ultimate Sales Forecasting Approach
The Ultimate Sales Forecasting Approach

This webinar walks us through his five pillars to predict pipeline. It’s not all painless, but it is simple, practical advice that makes this chore a whole lot easier.

Pay particular attention to how he accounts for seasonality, reducing rep variability, and leading more informative (rather than interrogative) pipeline reviews!

3. "Driving a Kick-Ass Coaching Culture: Dispelling Myths & Adopting Best Practices" #

Our very own Joe Caprio joined Lessonly’s Matt Lubbers in this webinar to hash out how learning and coaching can be used to drive sales revenue.

Driving a Coaching Culture
Driving a Coaching Culture

Fact: Just 10% of reps drive 80% of revenue.
Fact: Managers rank themselves in the 79% percentile for coaching, but their reps rank them at just 38%.
Finding: This indicates that sales managers don’t realize just how poorly they’re coaching and are struggling to find ways to get everyone to perform.

Lubbers and Caprio are joined by Reflektive's Chuck Marcouiller who shows the real magic behind the coaching flywheel!

4. "How to 10x your Sales Team’s Productivity" #

Screen Shot 2020 01 08 at 10 59 22 AM
How to 10x your Sales Team's Productivity

Mark Kilens and Brendan McManus from the Drift team break down what “customer-centric sales development” really means in this webinar. They bring it to life with real world examples and show how impactful the real-person story can be -- through the whole process.

They really honed in on how important the human element is in sales, and how tools can amplify the very human experience of connecting better, faster, and more efficiently!

5. "Don’t Let Fake News Distract you: How to Run An Effective 1-on-1" #

The goal of the sales rep is to produce, and the goal of the sales leader is to reproduce. Unfortunately, mismanaged 1-on-1s are often standing in the way of your ability to scale your team’s success. In this webinar, our very own Grace Tyson joined forces with Alex Kremer of Outreach and Anthony Cessario of Clari to hash out their recipes for productive 1-on-1s.

With a pinch of CRM visibility, a dollop of realistic expectation setting for reps, and a sprinkle of consistent processes, you’ll be managing a productive, high-growth team in a flash.

6. "The Top Sales KPIs you Aren’t Tracking" #

The average sales leader spends 10-12 hours a week wading through Salesforce reports and dashboards. (That’s nearly a full working week taken away from things like coaching and training!)

And through all of that, leaders have to identify what KPIs they should actually keep track of and continue to measure against. Ambition’s co-founder Brian Trautschold gives us the keys to the KPI kingdom.

sales hacker ambition webinar

In this webinar, he breaks down activity metrics, long-term metrics, and deep sale insights. Read: Which KPIs drive pipeline.

My favorite part is when Brian explains which “moneyball metrics,” (such as how many calls turn into conversations or how many meetings result in a qualified lead) help reps better plan ahead to meet quota.

Rather than simply focusing on your end goals, refocus on the KPIs between where you are and where you want to go. That simple shift will set reps up for success!

7. Flip the Script: Personalization at Scale (ft. Becc Holland) #

In this webinar, Becc Holland walks us through her strategies to personalize messaging at scale. This jam-packed webinar is full of actionable tips and key strategies to leverage the impact of personalized messaging.

Flip the Script - Personalization at Scale
Flip the Script: Personalization at Scale

Becc gives us a ton to think about! She covers all the bases, including:

  • 5 Premise Buckets
  • 7 Pillars of Attractive Messaging
  • 7 Deadly Sins of Messaging
  • The Chuck Jones guidelines

Tie it all together to build a scalable sales engine that resonates.

BONUS: "Measuring the ROI of Social Selling" #

If you have an AA-ISP membership, I highly recommend tuning into this webinar. (If you don’t already have one, content like this is the perfect reason to finally sign up!)

We can all use a little help where social media is concerned. They go through all of the best new approaches to use your social channels to engage your prospects and for outreach.

Take note on what companies get wrong about social selling, and how to learn from their mistakes. I particularly liked their take on how to drive engagement with your company’s content and how best to join relevant conversations.

This is by no means a complete list. (Like I said, a lot of content was created in 2019.) These just happen to be the ones I reference - I hope you find them useful to start your own!

Cheers to a high-growth year in 2020 🎉

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