Sales Decks vs. Sales Demos [Infographic]

Sales Decks vs. Sales Demos [Infographic]

April 9, 2019

Parth Mukherjee

In the last edition of the joint Zoom-Chorus infographic series, we established that keeping your video on leads to a 9% point improvement in win rates. In other words, videos help create some much-needed chemistry with prospects.

But when you’re sharing information about your company or your product on a virtual meeting, what visual method can you adopt?

Research suggests using a visual cue can improve understanding by as much as 400%! Data from sales meetings hosted on Zoom suggest that 95% of closed won deals utilize some for of screen sharing. But what do you share?

“Should I present a deck or jump directly into a demo?” #

Reps often ask their managers, sales enablement or product marketing.

Zoom and Chorus are back with another amazing infographic to answer this question. What works better — a presentation or a product demonstration? Or a little of both?

We used Chorus’ conversation intelligence platform to analyze more than 500K sales meetings hosted on Zoom answer and analyzed with Chorus’ advanced A.I. to answer these questions.

The results are quite interesting. Check them out:

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