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April 5, 2022

Jessica Carlson

Have you ever been this close to landing an account — and then life happened? Whether it’s a family obligation, last-minute trip, or unexpected home repair, COVID-era sales professionals have learned how to stay on their toes as boundaries between home and work blur.

With the Chorus by ZoomInfo mobile app, you can always be selling and sharpening your skills, even when you’re away from your computer — on the train, grabbing coffee, or sitting poolside. Whether you use an iOS or Android device, the new Chorus app lets you arrive fully prepared for meetings and at the top of your game.

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Bring the Chorus experience with you – anywhere, anytime #

Since 2015, Chorus has transformed the sales processes of over 20,000 companies, establishing Conversation Intelligence as a critical ingredient of winning revenue strategies. Our new mobile app puts the power of Chorus in the palm of your hand, making sales call reviews as easy as listening to your favorite podcast.

With the Chorus app, you don’t have to choose between your daily walk and your meeting prep. Tap the app icon from your homescreen, search for the call you want to review (yours or one from your team), and get to work. Speed up the call to save time, or hit pause if you have to answer a Slack message or email.

Win as a team and collaborate remotely #

In addition to keeping your deals moving, you can capture the voice of the customer for marketing campaigns or coach your team to the finish line even when you’re on the go. The Chorus app is a must-have tool for keeping everyone on the same page — especially in hybrid and remote workplaces, where you could be juggling a new account one minute and heading out the door the next.

The app has the same key features and capabilities that have made Chorus calls an integral part of successful sales processes:

  • Tag colleagues to request or provide feedback as you listen to calls
  • Share key moments or the full call with your customers or team to keep everybody aligned
  • Quickly share snippets via Slack, email, or text to get feedback on deals from your manager or colleagues
  • Access game-changing call insights instantly

Practice and refine your sales skills in your downtime

Driving to work? At the gym? Waiting for your ride? No problem. The Chorus app makes it easier than ever for teams to learn from their biggest closers. Managers can train reps and onboard new employees faster by assigning required listening and providing coaching feedback directly through the app.

Alyson Baber, commercial sales leader at Zoom, credits Chorus with helping their reps stay nimble: “With Chorus, reps can review top performers’ recordings on their own schedule. They can also focus on keywords, such as a competitor’s name or pricing information, and go directly to those parts of the discussion instead of having to sit through the entire call.”

Prep for meetings, even while you’re on the move #

Once you start using Chorus as part of your pre-call process, you’ll never look back. No matter how detailed your notes may be, there’s no substitution for the ability to listen directly to your prospects’ or customers’ words. Showing up to a meeting with personal anecdotes and responses to frequently mentioned objections at the ready is a quick way to stand apart from the competition.

With the Chorus app, all of this preparation can be done with a few taps. With all of your historical calls available you’ll be ready for anything, including last-minute check-ins. You can also use the app to:

  • Refresh yourself on the most pertinent topics in a call and who brought them up. You can skip right to the important parts of calls and advance the listening speed when you’re short on time.
  • Search for key topics like budget, risk, and pricing, or use custom trackers to easily find the right call and the exact moment when the topic was mentioned.

Getting your team gametime ready is as easy as downloading the Chorus app. Try it out today on your iOS or Android device.

Bring the Chorus experience with you – anywhere, anytime

The Chorus Mobile App

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