Making the Most out of your Demo Questions

April 27, 2018

Shawn Parrotte

Introduction #

Have you closed a deal recently? How did your last call go? Did your prospect answer your questions the way you hoped they would?

Questions are the primary way that humans get to know each other. In sales, questions give you insights into your prospect’s needs, budget, and other key details that can help you close a deal with them.

But are you utilizing this powerful tool wisely, especially during your demos? We pulled data from almost one million sales calls across numerous companies to give you data-driven tips on how to ask the right questions before and during a demo.

Asking the Right Questions #

A particularly poignant question will elicit a long response from a prospect. Our research shows that on average, high-performing reps ask fewer questions per minute than lower-performing reps, but are able to get the prospect to open up more.

It may not be that the top-tier reps are asking for different information from the rest of their peers. They are asking the same questions in a different way.

For example, a low-performing rep may ask their prospect, “Who are your major competitors?” This is a valid question, but it shows a lack of preparation on the rep’s part.

Instead, a seasoned rep will ask their prospect, “From my research, it seems like your main competitors are X, Y, and Z. Does this seem right?” This shows your prospect that you took the time to look into their company, demonstrating that you care about their needs.

Asking questions is less about getting the information you need and more about engaging your prospect.

Questions Before a Demo #

One of the best ways to engage your prospect is giving them a demo. This is a great time to get information on your prospect to see how your product suits their needs.

We analyzed over 14,000 calls to find out how many questions reps are asking before a demo. Our analysis shows that the top reps are asking an average of 9 questions before a demo.

4 27 18 making the most chart

This seems like a lot for a demo, where you are just showing your product. However, these questions are essential to the customer experience, as you showcase the features of your product that best serve your prospect.

You should personalize demos, but don’t spend half an hour asking questions. Top reps understand what to ask, when to ask, and how much to ask of their prospects.

Conclusion #

Don’t throw away your shot at a great deal by asking the wrong questions. Make sure your questions are not solely serving you. Your prospect should feel like you want to help them, not just to push a sale. Make every question count and get all the information you need to close the deal.

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