How to Be Really Good at Consistency Selling in 2019

December 19, 2018

Shawn Parrotte

Is your team following a consistent sales process and using a proven narrative with customers, or are things a little bit all over the place?

We’ve heard from many of you and the resounding answer is often “no” or “not exactly,” and that today’s sales leaders desperately want to fix this, but are overloaded with things to do.

Yet every good sales leader knows what it feels like when you notice your reps doing and saying dramatically different things throughout the sales process.

It feels a little bit like failure because selling consistently starts with you.

It feels a little bit frustrating because more deals are lost and your reps struggle to hit their quotas.

It should cause you to look inward because it’s often a sign that you’re not setting the team up for success by creating a repeatable process or equipping them with the right playbooks to win. Or you’ve neglected sales coaching. Or you haven’t partnered closely enough with marketing to nail the sales narrative.

That said, inconsistencies happen, especially in today’s rapidly changing markets where many businesses are still learning as they sell new technologies.

The important thing, though, is to recognize these inconsistencies and fix them immediately. We recommend doing that by building a formal sales enablement function and putting dedicated resources toward solving this problem immediately so that you can focus on strategy and developing your team.

Sales enablement is a division or role at your company devoted to improving the processes, content, technologies, and training sales teams use.

According to Aberdeen Group, teams that invest in sales enablement see 32% higher quota attainment, 24% better quota achievement, and 23% higher lead to conversion rates.

On Glassdoor there are currently more than 6,000 open roles for sales enablement leaders as companies continue to invest in building out this division within their organization.

There are plenty of signs that you should invest in sales enablement now and start helping reps sell more consistently, including:

  • It's taking a long time to ramp reps
  • Few reps are consistently hitting quota
  • You are selling a complex or high price-point product and need to reduce your sales cycle length by providing value and education to customers
  • Your market is highly competitive
  • Your sales process is highly consultative and personalized - there is no one size fits all approach
  • You are experiencing rapid growth and scaling the team quickly

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