Here’s How Top Reps Run Sales Demos

December 12, 2018

Shawn Parrotte

In our last two blogs in the sales discovery series we answered questions like -

Reps often wonder whether it makes sense to give prospects an early teaser of the product during discovery. Or should demos be saved for later and have discovery focused only on…. well ‘discovering?’

In our sales discovery blog series we used data from over 3 million call recordings to bring you deep insights into what reps do right and wrong in discovery.

Chorus’ advanced AI automatically recognizes the screen shares where reps are doing a product demo. This helps us determine what high-performing reps do more of when compared with everyone else. So here’s what we learned.

Yes, you should demo during discovery. #

It results in more won deals.

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Do not shy away from giving the prospects a taste of what you have to offer.

How long should I demo? And should I mix it with discovery? #

The average product demo lasts for 29 mins and takes 79% of the meeting.

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However, in most won deals, demos are spread out over 2 separate calls. One heavier on discovery and the other focused almost completely on the demo. Read further to understand why.

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The longer you demo, the better. #

It helps to get the prospect deep into the product. Even better if you can customize the demo based on the pain points you uncovered during the discovery call. Then the demo duration becomes a leading indicator of deal winnability.

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So, the longer you demo, the more likely you are to win the deal. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But ask yourself - do your sales managers and reps use the demo duration to determine probability of winning the deal? This can be a factor you use to improve your own sales forecast (but more on that later).

Demos don’t mean endless pitching. #

Yes when you are sharing screen and showing off the great stuff in your product, you will talk more and listen less. Compared to the discovery phase of the call, reps need to talk more during a demo.

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However, you still have to engage the prospect.

Top Reps Engage Prospects Every 8 Minutes During Demos #

Winning reps ask a meaningful and engaging question every 8 minutes even when they are demoing their product. That means, in a 30 min demo, you still have to create about 4 engaging moments where the prospect provides in-depth responses. (Read our previous article for a quick refresher on engaging moments.)

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So, to recap:

  • Ensure you give the prospects a demo during discovery
  • Make it 2 separate meetings — one heavier on discovery and another focused on the product demo
  • Personalize the demo — the longer it lasts the more likely you are to win the deal
  • Ask an interesting and engaging question back to the prospect once every 5-10 minutes

Good luck and rock your next demo with these insights! Here’s an awesome free resource we’re giving away — "The Product Demo Checklist"

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