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ZoomInfo acquires Chorus.ai to bring intelligence to your most important conversations.

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The Future (of Sales) is Female

January 20, 2020

Sara Howshar

Valuing diverse leadership is about more than just hitting quotas. It’s about making our team better by empowering those of us with different skills, experiences, and passions to take the lead.

Diverse teams make us perform better across industries. Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF, cites that while women make up only 2% of bank CEO’s worldwide, banks who count women among the top leadership tend to have better fiscal profiles.

In sales, it looks remarkably similar.

Only 25% of salespeople in the tech industry are women. And only 12% of that are female sales leaders.

We want to change that.

Practice What You Preach

This is a value of ours, and it should be no surprise. (We are in the business of conversations.) And we take this value seriously.

In the spirit of celebrating success and progress, we are so grateful to those who have participated in two programs we are deeply proud to be a part of: Women in Sales and #GirlsClub.

Women in Sales #

Women in Sales is a group founded by the Chorus team and has had tremendous success connecting mentors with aspiring leaders and bringing in power-house panels to discuss the issues that matter most.

Male or female, all are welcome to join the conversation. If you’re in Boston or the Bay Area, join one of our meetups! We’re happy to have you.

#GirlsClub #

#GirlsClub is committed to connecting women across sales to create a network of learners and teachers, and to empower the next generation of female leadership. As #GirlsClub founder Lauren Bailey says, it’s important to change the face of sales and reverse the zero-growth trend of female sales leaders.

We couldn’t agree more.

For this reason we partnered with #GirlsClub to support aspiring sales leaders through the #GirlsClub Sponsorship Program.

Today, Chorus is proud to announce the winners of our sponsorship!

  1. Hillary Unis, Commercial Sales Manager, TripActions
  2. Tracey Landstrom, Customer Success Manager, Adobe
  3. Hannah Schuler, Enterprise SDR Manager, GitLab

We were so moved by every entry we received and we are so thrilled to have these three represent all aspiring female leaders. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Hillary, Tracey, and Hannah will join a 6 month training program with a class of 100 current or aspiring female sales managers to expand on their development, receive mentoring, and gain support.

They will attend in-person and digital chapter meetings, meet with experienced mentors, and attend a 1-day finale conference.

We can’t wait to see what comes of this next year, and the years to follow. We will continue to invest in the best of sales leadership by adding to its multifaceted leadership.

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