Do You Have at Least 4 Calls in Your Cold Calling Sequence?

January 15, 2019

Shawn Parrotte

We’re back with our next cold calling tip, after the secret to a scheduled meeting — longer cold calls. In this article we tell you how to craft an ideal cold calling cadence.

At, we analyzed over 1 million cold calls made using sales engagement products like Outreach. Chorus research shows that a successful cold calling sequence lasts 20 days. Cold outreach does not mean badgering the same contact endlessly for months.

In the Ideal Cadence, Call Your Prospect 4 Times Over a 20 Day Period #

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This means you have to try about 4 times to have that in-depth conversation (which lasts about 7.5 mins) with the prospect that results in a booked meeting.

So, ensure you have at least 4 to 5 calls in your cadences and once the cadence is over, turn the contact in to Marketing for nurturing.

Every Voicemail is an Opportunity #

Also, when the prospect does not respond or declines your call, do you use the opportunity to leave an engaging voicemail?

1 15 19 least 4 calls cold calling sequence 02

Mix It up with Your Touches #

1 15 19 least 4 calls cold calling sequence 03

The ideal cadence also includes an equal number of emails and some social media touches.

Tip: Double Down on the Calls #

Russ Hearl, the Head of Sales for new departmental SaaS products at Google Cloud, still encourages his teams to double down on the calls in their cadences. He encourages them to pick up the phone and engage with a prospect on a human level. Russ has built several sales teams from the ground up at FedEx, Salesforce, DoubleDutch, and now Google and has some interesting tips for reps:

  • Selling is about connecting with people in real-time, asking great questions, listening, and thoughtfully responding. So put your best foot forward when you call.
  • The fastest way to improve your selling and interpersonal skills is to engage with people in real-time vs. asymmetrical communication channels like email.
  • If you're an SDR, the fastest path to get promoted to an AE is to demonstrate you can have great conversations with prospects.

In our next cold calling article we'll tell you how to ensure you have an engaging conversation with your prospects.

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