Influitive’s Ammir Gill Is All About Customer Success (and Coffee and Sushi, Too)

April 27, 2020

Sara Howshar

Influitive’s Ammir Gill Is All About Customer Success (and Coffee and Sushi, Too)

Philosophy, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, “is the rational, abstract, and methodical consideration of reality as a whole or of basic dimensions of human existence and experience.” And the human experience as “customer” is something that former philosophy major Ammir Gill contemplates — a lot — every day in his role as Customer Success Manager (CSM) at, Canada-based Influitive in Toronto.

Influitive helps companies discover, nurture, and mobilize their customer advocates to turbocharge sales, marketing, or customer success initiatives. The company’s SaaS platform combines targeting, personalization, gamification, and rewards features to drive extreme engagement and customer growth at scale.

Ammir, as Influitive’s CSM, works with a variety of brands, including leading organizations such as Cisco and IBM, to maximize their advocacy and community platforms by engaging their customers with compelling stories and content. The Toronto native has been with the company for just over a year. Previously, Ammir was CSM – Enterprise for customer feedback management company, InMoment, which is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was first hired by InMoment as a project coordinator but soon shifted to a CSM manager role.

“The firm was full-on customer experience (CX), and my job as project coordinator naturally led me to customer success because the two went hand-in-hand,” Ammir says. “Moving from the CX world to community engagement at Influitive was really complimentary, too. I’m now applying my experience in CX to the various things that customers can do using our platform.”

Making full use of all resources to enhance customer, and professional, success

At Influitive, Ammir is part of a small team that focuses on one-to-one consultations with clients. Once Influitive’s implementation team helps a client launch their customer community, they hand off that client to customer success. Then, Ammir and his teammates work closely with the client to help them employ best practices and track how their customer engagement efforts are driving advocacy and delivering bottom-line value.

Ammir says helping Influitive’s clients to meet their specific goals requires him to be open and flexible in his work, and use resources available like the conversation intelligence platform. He says he relies on every day to prepare for his many client and internal meetings and stay on top of what other departments at Influitive are doing to contribute to client success.

Here’s a look at how Ammir spends a typical day at Influitive, and the other ways he uses to be successful in his role:

Morning: Ammir admits he is not a morning person, though he wastes little time kicking into high gear after waking around 8 a.m. “I devote my first waking minutes to checking emails and Slack messages, so I can do the initial planning for my day,” Ammir says.

Ammir gives breakfast a miss, preferring to energize with a cup of coffee. Then, it’s off to the TTC, Toronto’s mass transit, for a short ride to Influitive’s office. By 9 a.m., Ammir can be found catching up with his team and colleagues in the in-house coffee club. “We take turns bringing in fresh beans and making coffee with the French press,” Ammir says. “It’s a bit of a team-building thing, but it’s also driven by the fact that our office doesn’t have the best coffee!”, he says half-jokingly.

Once he’s well-caffeinated, Ammir sits down to plan out the agendas for upcoming meetings. “Different stakeholders have different interests and I like to plan out best practices and my demos based on who I’m meeting with that day,” he says.

Internal meetings at Influitive usually start around 10 a.m. According to Ammir, the discussions typically center on surfacing good stories to share with clients, learning about any changes to Influitive’s platform, and getting details on product releases or notes than can be used as talking points with customers. plays an important role in helping Ammir prepare for these meetings, especially those with the product team. “One of the things I use for is to provide client feedback, and support suggestions I make to the product team,” says Ammir.

He offers the example of clients bringing up questions about integrating Influitive with another product: “By reviewing the Chorus transcripts, I can see how often integration came up as a topic on calls, what type of customers asked the question, and over what time period. Then, when I’m talking to our product team, I can give them that precise data. That has an impact because it’s not just me or my team suggesting a change or a solution — it’s the customer.”

With, our team can go back, look at the notes, get a picture of any issues or challenges, and then plan accordingly for customer renewals.

Afternoon: At lunchtime, Ammir is usually at his desk. “I tend to work through lunch,” he says. Ammir refuels with lunch he brings from home, or the fare from catered lunches that Influitive sometimes provides. But frequently, Ammir will treat himself to sushi takeout. “I really like sushi,” he says. “And I always go to the same restaurant near our office. I am a very loyal customer!”

Following lunch, Ammir’s afternoons are filled with meetings: client meetings, internal meetings with the product team, or biweekly meetings with CS leadership to discuss customer retention. “Having as a tool to reference back to issues on calls with clients is very useful for gauging what we need to do to ensure customer retention,” says Ammir. “With, our team can go back, look at the notes, get a picture of any issues or challenges, and then plan accordingly for customer renewals.”

Ammir says he also loves the value provides as a coaching tool, including for improving his own performance. “I like that calls out ‘filler’ words and lets me know when I monologue too much on client calls,” he explains. “That really helps me make future calls more engaging and productive.”

Evening: Ammir closes out his workday by setting up the follow-ups for that day’s calls and meetings. He uses to refer back to the call recordings, check his notes, and take next steps or initiate action items. Ammir also pays close attention to client pain points to identify any best practices or recommendations he didn’t give on the call that he might use as a follow-up or talking point for the next interaction.

“I also review transcripts to see if there are best practices we can build into our own product. I then feed those suggestions back to the product team,” he says, noting that he can share timestamps, calls, and transcript snippets that the team can review on their own time.

When his work for the day is finally done, Ammir will sometimes join his colleagues for a quick pit stop at the local watering hole by Influitive’s office, so they can dissect the workday and socialize. “I’d like to say I go to the gym regularly after work,” Ammir says. “But often, I prefer to just go home and spend time with my girlfriend and talk about the craziness of our days.”

Because Ammir and his girlfriend both have such busy schedules, they often have dinner delivered. But Ammir says they are both eager to get back into a routine of preparing their meals at home. Perhaps, if Ammir has his way, that will include some sushi-making?

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