Coaching Gen-Z: 7 Stats Sales Leaders Need to Know Now

March 6, 2019

Shawn Parrotte

If you’re a CRO or VP of Sales it’s time to start preparing for Gen-Z — your next generation of sellers. Here are seven stats you need to know about this generation and how to coach them.

1. Gen-Z is Already a Part of Your Workforce #

Chances are you already have at least one member of Gen-Z on your sales team.

The oldest members of Gen-Z are already 22 and were born between 1995 and 2010. In 2019 they will be 24, and by 2021 they will make up 1/3 of the workforce.

Don’t hesitate to send simple “read ahead” documents before they join or the day before a session so you’re not reading off of dozens of Powerpoint Slides.

Better yet, share examples of recorded calls that your Gen-Z reps can shadow at their own convenience.

2. Gen-Z is More Pragmatic and Less Optimistic About the Future #

Gen-Z is considered the most anxious generation.

Whereas 71% of Millennials believe they will achieve a higher standard of living than their parents, just 56% of Gen-Z feels the same. Gen-Z places a bigger premium on a stable paycheck and secure job than Millennials.

That may be because whereas Millennials experienced childhood during a period of rapid growth, Gen-Z’s childhood took place during tumultuous times, including 9-11 and the Great Recession.

Gen-Z will require more frequent communication and reassurance from you.

3. Gen-Z is Much More Diverse #

Gen-Z grew up around diversity and 48% are non-Caucasian. When asked if “one or more of my close friends are a different race than me” 81% of Gen-Z said yes compared to 69% of Millennials.

59% of Gen-Z also have friends of a different sexual orientation than themselves.

The days of homogenous sales teams are definitely dead with this generation. Gen-Z will expect diversity at every level — within the sale organization, at your company, and on your board. They will also demand greater transparency and authenticity at work.

4. Gen-Z Demands High-Tech #

88% of Gen-Z care about cutting-edge tech in the workforce, and 89% believe “robots and humans will work together in an integrated team.”

When it comes to coaching Gen-Z, you’ll need to invest in new technologies.

5. Gen-Z is Highly Entrepreneurial and Individualistic #

76% of Gen-Z sees themselves as “owners of their own careers” and 46% plan to have their own business (compared to 32% across all working generations).

This is a generation that grew up exposed to the “side hustle” and saw most of its artists skyrocket to fame on social media. Find opportunities to get them involved in your company’s mission and strategic decisions.

6. On-boarding is Your Chance to Make a Lasting Impression #

69% of employees are likely to stay three years or more at your organization if you provide a great on-boarding experience.

With Gen-Z just starting to enter the workforce, this is the time to make a lasting impression on a class of future sellers who can stick with you through several years’ growth.

7. An Efficient On-boarding Program Can Have a Big Impact on Revenue #

Efficient on-boarding programs can improve employee performance by 11.5%.

However, many sales leaders are not satisfied with their current on-boarding programs. According to Bridge Group, 26% list ramping new reps as their top concern. 3 out of 5 reps will not fully ramp for seven months. One in five will take nearly a year to develop all of the skills they need to be successful.

It’s critical that you upgrade your on-boarding program for this new, highly driven generation to help them contribute quickly.

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