Clari and Chorus: Bringing Fresh Insights Into the RevOps Conversation

February 22, 2022

Jessica Carlson

For most sales reps, the first quarter of a new year is a fresh start. For revenue leaders, the pressure is on.

After creating clearly defined growth targets, they have to motivate teams to hit their numbers and track everyone’s progress with precision. But too often, forecasting feels more like looking into a crystal ball than a science.

Nothing addresses this predicament quite like Clari.

Clari is a revenue operations platform that gives revenue teams a quick and easy way to view and manage all of their team’s deals at once, with customizable filters and dashboards that allow users to dig deeper. Clari removes the guesswork from forecasting and has quickly become one of the most powerful sales tools on the market.

Starting today, it gets even more powerful.

With Chorus’ new Clari integration, revenue teams can gauge the momentum of deals in real time, right alongside their forecasting models. Now, more intelligent decisions are faster and easier to make.

Connecting the Dots Between Intelligence and Operations #

B2B buying behavior has fundamentally changed, cementing the vital role of data in winning sales processes. Smart sales organizations recognize the competitive advantage that comes with having the right kinds of data at their fingertips, no matter where in the buyer’s journey a prospect might be.

Conversation intelligence takes this one step further, turning every meeting and interaction into a goldmine of information that can be used across the organization.

Lightning-fast call recording and transcription is only the beginning. Conversation insights, such as participants on a call, time spent screen-sharing, keywords mentioned, and topics discussed can be surfaced, shared, and saved to playlists for access anytime. The result? A more productive sales team and organization aligned around the voice of the customer.

And then there’s revenue operations (RevOps), where process and strategy lay the foundation for business growth. Efficiency is the name of the game and tools like Clari make it happen. In the platform, sales and revenue leaders have complete visibility over relevant data that can be used to track account engagement, improve forecasting, and optimize team performance.

With Chorus and Clari partnering to bring conversation intelligence and RevOps together, a clearer revenue intelligence picture comes into focus. Now, teams can bring AI-driven conversation insights into their RevOps processes to achieve unmatched pipeline visibility and deal inspection in a single platform.

Forecast with an Unprecedented Level of Confidence #

In the past, developing accurate forecasts and realistic sales goals required a lot of estimation and even more time — hours of scouring CRM records and conducting one-on-one interviews with sales reps. One or two lost opportunities is all it would take to throw off the numbers.

Today, RevOps leaders have solutions like Clari and Chorus at their disposal, so they can take a more intelligent — and less time-consuming — approach to forecasting. With greater real-time insight into pipeline health and deal activity, it’s easier than ever to spot risks and take data-driven action to keep teams on track.

For example, when an opportunity is selected in Clari, users have the option to view the corresponding data in Momentum by Chorus, which visually indicates exactly where and when there has been high-quality engagement over the course of the deal and what was spoken or written in each conversation.

If a revenue leader or sales manager sees that an account is lacking quality engagement — if there have been more outbound emails than calls and the chart is trending down — that’s an obvious red flag to take action. Based on this new information, they can confidently adjust their forecast and do what it takes to keep the team on target.

Conduct Better Deal Reviews, Faster #

Deal reviews can sometimes feel like a necessary evil (which is why our comic eBook, The Five Villains of Doomed Deal Reviews, is a must-read). But they don’t have to be a painful and ineffective exercise, especially for revenue leaders. The faster the deal review, the faster they can help set a plan in motion to mitigate risks or take advantage of opportunities.

Clari helps revenue teams focus on the most important deals by highlighting their priority level, risk and momentum, and likelihood to close. In concert with Clari, Chorus’ AI-driven insights allow users to inspect deals at any stage in the pipeline. A keyword and tracker search helps pinpoint risk signals, and important snippets of conversation can be bookmarked and shared to bring additional team members into the loop.

For instance, if someone wanted to gather insight on whether price is a sticking point on a stalled deal, they could open the latest meeting record, conduct a simple search for “pricing,” and jump straight to the most relevant parts of the conversation. Then watch it in the mini-player or read through highlighted portions of the transcript to determine the appropriate next steps.

Historically, deep conversation-level insights like these were not accessible to revenue teams. Now, with calls and other interactions being recorded in real-time by Chorus and integrated directly into Clari’s revenue operations platform, anyone in the revenue organization can review and share calls, assess overall account wellness, and achieve alignment across teams — effectively and efficiently.

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