The Mobile App is here! Conversation Intelligence on the go.

The Mobile App is here! Conversation Intelligence on the go.

March 26, 2019

Parth Mukherjee

As a marketer I've travelled a fair bit — about 16 countries and 30 states in the US, if my count is right. I’ve complained about hotel beds, cold breakfasts, red eyes, and yes, you got it - flight delays (no love lost between me and O’Hare airport). In such moments, the only people I really feel for are sales professionals. Why?

Because as a sales person:

  • You travel much more frequently. As much as 13% of your time is spent traveling, according to some studies
  • Time is money for you (how you use travel time can impact your OTE)
  • You have to track down receipts and fill expense reports.

Okay, let’s ignore the expense reports bit for now.

My frequently traveling friends in sales try to fill up travel time by:

  • Creating proposal and presentations
  • Calling their managers or team members for a quick check in
  • Responding to emails
  • Responding to Slack messages
  • Watching videos of cats taking down dogs

The inevitable question that hounds anyone in sales — "How can I use my time effectively?" The answer is here!

Conversation intelligence on the go with Chorus Mobile + Smart Playlists

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Chorus Mobile for Sales Reps #

You may be in an Uber, waiting to see your dentist, or flying to New York for a conference.

Now you have your most strategic asset — your customer and prospect conversations — with you, in your pocket, at your fingertips.

Wondering how you can use this asset on the go? Here are some useful tips:

  • Tell Chorus’ "Smart Playlist" what’s important to you e.g. how top reps talk about pricing on enterprise deals. Let Chorus build playlists for you and notify you as soon as new calls are added.
  • Play the calls back to back while you continue using other apps on your phone!
  • Going on site to meet a customer? Listen to your previous calls with them. Listen at 2x speed or jump to the "risk mentions", "next steps" identified by Chorus’ advanced AI. Best reps are best prepared.
  • It takes a village to get a deal through. Look up conversations fast in Chorus Mobile with easy search and find. Then comment on specific moments by @mentioning people. Think product managers, marketing, sales engineering - get them to help you close deals!
  • Get your managers to coach you! Ask them to review a specific call or moment where you think you need help. Or ask your manager or VP to join the next call. Just @mention them at the right time.
  • Know a rep who’s on top of their game or someone who won a great competitive deal? Listen to their calls and learn their talk tracks.
3 26 19 chorus mobile is here 01

The A in ABC is “Always” — that’s what you do when you have Chorus at your fingertips - you are always closing.

Even when you’re not closing, you are deep in prep, building skills, and instant messaging people who can help you close.

In other words, you're closing. Listen to Julian, a smart sales rep on how he uses Chorus Mobile + Smart Playlists -

Chorus Mobile for Sales Managers, Leaders, Enablement, and Listeners (marketing, products) #

Whatever your role in the company, we are all in the business of growth. If you’re not a sales rep, likely you do stuff that ensures reps can close deals, close more, and close faster.

And what’s the most potent tool for anyone who needs to drive growth?

The. Voice. Of. The. Customer. #

And Chorus Mobile brings you the voice of the customer to your favorite device. Now, you can:

  • Discover recent conversations from high value or forecast-critical deals and listen to its most important parts.
  • Provide feedback to sales reps on what they can do better (if you’re sales leaders or enablement)
3 26 19 chorus mobile is here 02
  • Collaborate with reps by @mentioning them and responding to their requests (if you’re in non-sales roles)
  • Tell Chorus what matters to you (e.g. I’m a VP of Sales and I care about all deals >$50K that are closing this Q and have high risk mentions in them). Let Chorus take care of curating playlists for you and notify you on your app when a new conversation is available for you to review.
  • Play them on the long drive back. Better than Lady Gaga.

Listen to Roy Raanani, CEO of explaining what Chorus Mobile + Smart Playlists means for sales leaders and managers.

Learn more about the Chorus Mobile app features.