Coming Soon: Chorus Gets a Makeover

April 29, 2020

Sara Howshar

There’s something new from Chorus coming your way! Our UI is getting a makeover - and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

In July, we’ll unveil some exciting new updates that our team has been tirelessly perfecting so that you and your teams can leverage the power of conversation intelligence with Chorus even more seamlessly.

Small Changes. Big Improvements. #

The updates you’ll see will be largely focused on the way you and your teams use Chorus. We’re streamlining product-flows and giving the aesthetics a makeover.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few changes coming your way:

  • Improved Performance & Ease of Use: From faster page loads to new keyboard shortcuts to tab names on navigation. We made small but impactful improvements across the entire product to make your experience as smooth as possible.
  • Simplified Workflows: We’re making it easier for you to take the actions you do most in Chorus with fewer clicks. Because fewer clicks, means faster results.
  • Shared Views: A new set of “out of the box” dashboards will allow managers to customize their view of recordings so that they can see the same things their reps do, for faster coaching and more seamless deal reviews.
  • Enriched Deal & Call Context: Right on your meetings page you’ll be able to see conversation metrics such as your longest monologue or filler words, along with additional deal context such as your deal stage or the last meeting with the same account.

We’re Here For You! #

Everything you know and love about Chorus is sticking around. We are simply streamlining and improving upon our most beloved features.

The changes themselves are small and subtle, but the improvement on your workflow and efficiency within Chorus will be immense.

And we’ll be here to guide you through the updates every step of the way. You can look forward to new help guides and in-product walkthroughs. Not to mention the live training sessions we will be offering.

Stay tuned for more updates that we'll post in Chorus, as we get closer to the release of these changes. Many of these updates are due to your input, feedback, and excitement. Thank you for helping us make Chorus as impactful and essential to your business as you are to ours.

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