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May 19, 2020

Successful sales organizations have many things in common. One major similarity is the use of a unified sales process or methodology. Having a clearly defined process enables the entire organization to be aligned on what success looks like through every stage of the funnel.

At the same time, training teams on methodology is expensive and time-consuming, and history shows that up to 80% of learning is lost within 90 days without proper coaching. But with proper coaching, that doesn’t have to be the case for your team.

How do you ensure your investment in sales training sticks? #

One of the hallmarks of successful coaching is having a process that enables coaches, aka sales managers, to identify moments in the sales process where reps are both successfully and unsuccessfully implementing the methodology. And from there to offer insights and feedback to help them right the course. Strong post-training reinforcement can lead to higher first-year rep quota attainment and an average of 120 more days of successfully retaining training knowledge.

Building scorecards helps everyone understand what type of information we need to be gathering in calls with customers.

Chorus customers such as MongoDB have used scorecards which are designed to track specific initiatives across the organization and enable managers to track skill improvement over time. It also allows reps to track their scores and focus on improving areas with low scores.

MongoDB's Cloud Sales Manager, Randy Petkoff shared his experience:

“Building scorecards helps everyone understand what type of information we need to be gathering in calls with customers. We put together about 10 questions that we all look at and score together, and share with each other. That allows me to ensure we are speaking the same language and getting what we need to get out of each call.

These scorecards can be customized to fit the methodology and mapped to different stages of the customer journey. This way, when a manager is reviewing their team's calls on Chorus, they will have a consistent way to evaluate each rep interaction, and provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback to help reps improve.

This simple but effective strategy ensures coaching is ongoing and consistent throughout the entire selling process and can be scaled with ease. With that consistency and ease, the coaches can be counted on to reliably review and score reps. And with Chorus’s enhanced AI capabilities, we can surface the calls and deals that need the most attention, thus ensuring the reps that need the most assistance get it.”

A Methodology that Incorporates Coaching #

Winning By Design has been training successful sales organizations around the entire customer lifecycle, from the top of the funnel, through the close, and into ensuring customer lifetime value. One of the hallmarks of Winning By Design that has made them successful is that coaching is part of their implementation process. The training doesn’t end when they walk out the door.

Because their methodology crosses the entire lifecycle, there are many different components for managers to coach against, from BDRs at the top of the funnel to sales reps working deals to the customer success team ensuring a smooth transition into a long term customer.

With so much ground to cover across their methodologies, we are excited to have partnered with Winning By Design to develop scorecards designed to support the long term success of their customers.

Scorecards for the Win(ning by Design) #

Working with the Winning By Design team, we have created 9 different templates to fit the scope of their methodology.

This list includes: Outbound Call (SDR), Diagnose Call (AE), Demonstration Call (SE), Kickoff Call (CSM), Executive Business Review (CSM), Connect the Wagons (Opening/Closing Calls), SPICED (Diagnosing and Qualifying), Storytelling, and Trading (Negotiating).

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a preview of what one of these scorecards looks like:

Screen Shot 2020 04 03 at 4 07 39 PM

Now managers from every part of the revenue organization can use Chorus to record, transcribe and analyze their team's calls, and they can improve adoption of their investment in Winning By Design through coaching with scorecards designed for that very purpose.

Chorus can then track rep performance via scorecards over time. So the reps that need the most coaching are sure to get it, but all reps can still be held accountable for staying true to the process.

As we see the current shift to sales teams working remotely, and a future where this trend potentially has some staying power, having the ability to review and coach every rep on their customer-facing interactions will greatly improve performance as well as improving the sense of team community.

Check out for more information on their proven methodologies.

Written by Richard Bernstein, Head of Partnerships,

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